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Letter to the newlyweds

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Glenn and Maxine's Wedding

First kiss as husband and wife of Maxine (sister-in-law) and Glenn (my not-so-little brother). Photo by Brian Sahagun. <3

The start of my favorite ber months came in too strong leaving me playing catch up with last minute preparations for my (only) little brother’s wedding, assisting on B’s business, working on my personal biz, home management (basically everyday living like preparing food, eating and cleaning up after yourself take A LOT of time!) and now, preparing for baby’s arrival!

Life happened and I just have to live each moment!

Over the weekend was my brother’s wedding. The usual Jaycelle planned to squeeze in as much tasks as I can into our schedule. Since we checked in the day before the wedding, I planned to have a family portrait shoot before little brother ties the knot, our weekly baby bump shoot, our gender reveal shoot, as well as to “relax and unwind”. Ha! So much for a little r & r. But the reality is we weren’t able to do any of that.

Today, two days after the wedding was the only time I was able to get some rest. Earlier I was still in a high from this eventful weekend and I was feeling anxious. I kept thinking what else do I need to accomplish but I could not seem to move. Then I realized I need to sit down with my thoughts, in order to clear my head and really think — how was I feeling, what do I need to do, how do I move forward and get back on the grind.

I realized in order to move forward, I need to unload the many thoughts and emotions I’m feeling.

First off, I was planning to make a speech at brother’s wedding, but I guess due to time constraint and reception program priorities, speeches were limited to the best man and the mothers of the newlyweds. And so I’m going to make use of my little digital diary to share my speech for my brother and my sister-in-law.

Glenn and Maxine, congratulations to the both of you! I know you’ve waited 9 long years for this moment to be a reality and finally, here it is. I know you know that it isn’t easy planning a wedding. I believe that it’s actually one of the first tests to couples who are planning to spend the rest of their lives together. And like with our experience, we almost called the wedding off due to the overwhelming pressure, Show Content ofLetter to the newlyweds /Read More


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When you’re pregnant and expecting, your entire life instantaneously changes one hundred eighty degrees. You’ll have tons of worries revolving your unborn child, you’ll have unhealthy food cravings which may cause you to gain more weight, your body will feel heavy like a bulldozer, you’ll get to know “morning sickness” which attacks pretty much anytime of the day and you’ll have heavy vaginal discharge — altogether making you feel queasy, unconfident, unattractive and unsexy.

When I’m feeling exactly that, here are surefire ways I do that help me regain my balance, my confidence and overall, feel clean and sexy while pregnant.

Nourish the mind.

Tuesdays with Morrie

Read and write. Oftentimes, I read something uplifting, encouraging, and mind-stretching. I love to read a great book of inspiring quotes or a short chapter of a story of someone else’s victorious life. I don’t stop with just reading it, I write it – I create a digital artwork of the quotes that really spoke to me and share it. There is something about writing it out and sharing it to the world that helps the brain process it more fully than simply reading it.

Maya Angelou Quote

Nourish the spirit.

Bask in my “pregnancy glow”.
Thanks to the increased blood flow in my system, I enjoy my naturally-radiant and rosy-glow skin. I enjoy documenting my pregnancy journey with the help of my husband by capturing my preggy portraiture.

Preggy Boudoir

Keep positive. Sexiness, like happiness, is a state of mind. I resolved with myself that I don’t have to be skinny to feel sexy. Instead of moping around, I think of the many blessings this pregnancy brings. I always try to remember that whatever I’m feeling can be felt by my baby, too, so it’s important that I remain happy and positive.

Pray and meditate. I keep still and quiet to nurture my “spiritual self” and seek guidance from my God to bless me with grace to help me prepare for the greater gift and challenge of being a first-time mother. This gives me happiness, peace and strength within as I go through the rollercoaster ride of my pregnancy.

Nourish the body.

Exercise. We all know how vital exercise is to keep fit and stay healthy. Pregnancy is not an excuse to slump on the bed the whole day. I do belly dancing for pregnant women called “Sayuntis” or “Ang Sayaw ng Buntis” and light yoga at home. Exercise not only helps me keep fit, but it also gives me the energy I need to carry my bulging baby belly. Exercise

Eat healthy.
Eating clean and healthy is as important as exercising. I make sure to eat as many greens and fruits as I can, plus lots of fiber. And to prepare my body to produce more milk once my baby arrives, I prepare broth-based soups. Yum!

Stay clean down there.
Being pregnant entails having heavy-than-usual vaginal discharge, and this makes me more self-conscious, distracted and simply unsexy. To protect me against feminine discomfort and irritation which can lead to infection (yikes!), I begin by keeping my intimate area clean. I use BETADINE® Feminine Wash at least twice a week. Women can take care of themselves by maintaining a proper intimate hygiene habit to be protected from itchiness, irritation and odor — because “Clean is the new Sexy“.

Betadine Feminine Wash

Remember, a clean and confident woman is a sexy woman.

BLISS of a #LiveFreePH

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BLISS Sunlife

How do you feel about the future? Is your family doing okay? Are the people around you hopeful or gloomy? With the Brighter Life Index: Social Sentiment or BLISS, Sun Life will show how optimism, prosperity, and the bayanihan spirit can produce a positive ripple from ourselves to our loved ones and to the community where we live.

BLISS is a Facebook application that aims to get the pulse of Filipinos about their current financial situation as well as their outlook for the future.

“BLISS gives us the canvas to paint our #LiveFreePH campaign. Through crowdsourcing, we seek the brightest spots while also determining the areas that are in need of a bit more sunshine,” explained Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa. “Together with the Sun Life Foundation, we will help turn dim prospects to bright opportunities.”

How BLISS happens

Show Content ofBLISS of a #LiveFreePH /Read More

Pregnancy Diary: 23 Weeks

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Pregnancy Diary: 23 Weeks and 5 Days

Pregnancy Diary: 23 Weeks and 5 Days ||| Dress: Ashley Collection – Aloysia Strappy Maxi Dress from ZaloraPH

We had quite a scare when we were at a mall for errands. I peed and wiped and saw light spotting on the tissue and on the pantyliner. I took photos and showed to my B. We were alarmed and tried to call our OB but no answer. We texted and waited and finally she replied that it isn’t normal. We’re advised to monitor it until the next day and if it still persists, I should go to a hospital’s delivery room to get properly assessed.

My guess is that the blood came from my V because of the irritation or itchiness I’ve been experiencing lately. I hardly noted when it started but I can only think of the time when I switched pantyliner. I’m suspecting my new pantyliner is the culprit. Someone also advised not to put cornstarch powder (esp not talc) on my V and to refrain from scratching that can lead to skin abrasion. I didn’t feel anything painful in my belly nor my V but I’m somewhat worried. I kept praying that our baby is OK. Let’s hope for the best and I will continue to monitor my condition.

On the bright side, baby’s starting to kick like crazy — I hope this is a good sign!

baby’s size:

Buche de Noel

my mood:

Happy to be feeling my baby’s kick more and more, yet anxious about this recent scare we had.

my symptoms:

Headaches. This is the symptom that I haven’t figured out exactly when it strikes.

Stomach itch. I’ve been having acne and itchy skin on my belly.

Swelling. Aside from my hands swelling, my feet swells like crazy!

Pregnancy Diary: 22 Weeks

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Pregnancy Diary: 22 Weeks and 3 Days

Pregnancy Diary: 22 Weeks and 3 Days

Taken after attending St. Luke’s Mom 101 and Breastfeeding 101. That was a really fun and informative event especially for first time moms like me. I will digest what I’ve learned and hope to share it here in the following weeks.

Just three days ago, I felt baby’s kick. Not exactly baby’s first kick because I have been feeling it for the past couple of days BUT it’s the first time Daddy Darlan felt it in my tummy too! For the past couple of days, I’ve been trying to grab his hand and placed in my tummy in the hopes that he’s going to feel it too but most of the time either baby would stop kicking or my B’s too sleepy to feel it in his hand. But couple of nights ago was different! Baby kicked once and Daddy already felt it! I’m just so happy to be sharing my belly fluttering aka baby kicking with my B!!!

baby’s size:


my mood:

Elated to share my baby kicking with my B!!!

my symptoms:

Swelling. I cannot wear my engagement and wedding rings anymore as well as my closed shoes.

Bloating. Although I feel hungry, my stomach feels full in a not so nice way.

Breast engorgement. Breast pain. Tender breasts. ‘Nuff said!

Backache. This affects my lower back, but the pain is already traveling upwards.

White discharge. Since I could not find a longer and wider pantyliner, I’ve been layering my trusted liner.

Abdominal / pelvic cramping. Feels like cramps during PMS.

Leg cramps and insomnia are still some of the persisting symptoms.