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A Couple of Forevers

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1404721_542546579148245_722147016_o{ Photo taken at our wedding by Dewn Rivera Photography }

We’re married!!! I tied the knot with my darling Brian last November 9 in Caleruega. A little over one week has passed of being married and I still fantasize of what could have been done to make our day even better. But with the overflowing love and support from our families and friends who celebrated with us (despite Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda), not to mention the wonderful snapshots they have captured, I was reminded that the most important thing is that — our wedding pushed through, our most awaited event of making our lifetime commitment in front of the Lord and our loved ones known happened. And that to me is a beautiful wedding.

I have opted to keep our wedding joys “offline” in respect of the victims of Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda that hit the Philippines, mainly the Visayas region, the day before our wedding. My family, Brian’s family, our entourage, some guests and suppliers already stayed in Tagaytay November 8, the day before our wedding, but even us were not spared by the terror of this typhoon.

There were chaos brought about by the unexpected weather — hindering the attendance of some of our friends, a sleepless night due to the heavy winds smashing our cottage and suppliers who scared me to death because they seemed to be too frightened to pushed through in delivering their services to us.

The weather tested the characters of everyone involved in making our wedding a reality — from the suppliers, to the entourage, to the guests and even myself.

Despite the darkness last November 8, the weather slowly cleared up for us on the big day. I woke up from what seems to be the shortest nap I ever had to a smooth, cool breeze. No more gushing wind. Our suppliers who we thought would not show up, were at the doorstep despite being late. The sun was surprising us a peek and still graced our preparation by a gray yet clear sky – all the way to the church. Although the weather tested me again by showering some rain before I get off my bridal vehicle, nothing would stop me from stepping out of the car and run to the altar to see my groom waiting for me!

As soon as the chapel door opened, I unexpectedly shed tears. I saw my beautiful flower girls, our families and friends smiling, my brother and mom waiting at the middle of the aisle and most importantly — my groom, waiting at the end of the aisle for me.

Soon after the priest announced “..and you are now husband and wife!”, I noticed the sun in its full glory before us. And being a believer in symbols, I would describe our wedding as nothing short of a miracle. We were greatly tested before our union and we were blessed with both rain and sunshine at the start of our married life. And in this light, that I am greatly in awe and in deep gratitude to the Lord and to every single soul that celebrated with us.

P.s. More engagement and wedding photos, articles and suppliers’ review will be posted in no time!

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