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In Chinese, A means sweet and Gan means refreshing after taste. This is what A Gantea is all about — sweet and refreshing way to drink your tea.

A Gantea in Eastwood Mall{ A Gantea in Eastwood Mall }

Freshly picked cherry leaves from Taiwan’s Ali mountain, A-gan Tea offers lots of tea varieties and different brewing approach for a unique characteristic that is sweet and refreshing. A-Gan Tea comes from the Chinese word “A-Gan” which means sweet and refreshing aftertaste, characteristics that our unique tea is known for.

A-gan Tea had its roots in Central Taiwan. It was launched eight years ago to offer tea lovers a new way of enjoying their favorite beverage. And in a way, it ushered in “the new culture of tea drinking.” A-gan Tea brings its trademark sweet, refreshing blend to Philippine shores.

Boasting of a diverse line up of flavors and concoctions, A-gan Tea will surely delight the Pinoy palate, young and old alike.

A Gantea in Eastwood Mall{ A Gantea menu }

A Gantea in Eastwood Mall{ Tea Guide }

A Gantea in Eastwood Mall

We were served with A Gantea’s bestsellers! I am in love with plain milk tea with black pearls but I am open to try other tea concoction like fruit tea and milk tea with other toppings.

A Gantea Hawaiian Fruit Tea{ Hawaiian Fruit Tea }
Jasmine tea based mixed with tropical fruits. For this season they used calamansi, lemon, mango and orange. It’s very refreshing! The fruits vary on the available depending on the season.

A Gantea QQ Milk Tea{ QQ Milk Tea }
QQ means chewy-chewy (according to the manager). Black tea based with non-dairy premium milk. This has coconut jelly and black pearls. Although this looks milky, it actually has a pineapple taste.

Trivia: Did you know the difference between the 2 kinds of pearls?
White pearls – chewy but less sweet
Black pearls – chewy and sweeter

This confirmed why I prefer black pearls!

A Gantea Taro Milk Tea{ Taro Milk Tea }
Fresh taro with agar bits. You will love the texture and taste of agar!

A Gantea Pear Fruit Tea{ Pear Fruit Tea }
Alpine tea based means tea leaves were hand-picked to ensure it’s premium quality. This is Jasmine tea based with pear flavor. This is my least favorite amongst the set.

A Gantea Bubble Milk Tea{ Bubble Milk Tea }
Black tea based with full cream milk and white pearls. This is equivalent to my usual fave of plain milk tea.

Overall, I give A Gantea a score of 9 out 10! Despite trying a total of six, yes 6 types of tea concoction, I didn’t feel bloated like how I usually feel after chugging a large cup of other milk tea. I’m assuming this is because they only use premium quality Alpine tea leaves on their drinks. And what sets them apart from other milk tea places I think would be their toppings option which includes agar bits.

Their price range is between Php85 for a medium cup to Php95 for a large cup, which is not bad at all for a healthy alternative to our favorite milk tea!

A Gantea in Eastwood Mall{ co-milk tea lovers with Joy Gomez, A Gantea Operations Manager }

More photos from our milk tea tasting date night. Enjoy!


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