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A little date in CubaoX

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September 20, 2011

on one of our little dates, my B invited me to go to Cubao X. it has always been a fascinating place to go because of its vintage, old-world-feel to it. i can’t remember the last time we were here but every time we visit i am reminded of how charming it is to be in this place.

galleries, cafes, vintage stores, antique shops, bookshops, shoe shops, old salon, Italian restaurant and other quirky stores surround this little complex. when you’re inside it feels as if you’re in a different world, a different time, away from the hustle and bustle of the metro (although it’s situated inside Cubao, Q.C.).

photos of Cubao X to follow.. i need to raid B’s files first to get a copy *wink*

i’ve been curious with a resto called PenPen and so my sweet little darling thought it would be nice to finally try it and have our little dinner date here.

B{ darling B and his camera }

Penpen's Restaurant Interiors{ PenPen interiors }

B and J
Penpen's Restaurant Interior{ PenPen interiors }

Penpen's Restaurant Menu{ choosing what to chow down from this delectable menu }

Jelly Belly Beans{ Jelly Belly jellybean candies!!! }

Jelly Belly Beans and candy dispenserB surprised me with this cute little candy dispenser and pack of Jelly Belly while strolling around Cubao X. i honestly fell for it when he said he just found it atop of one of the rock seats in there. *foolish laugh*

Jelly Belly BeansJelly Belly Beansour food were mouth-watering and are worth sharing… come take a bite!

Talang Kanin{ Talang Kanin or Aligue Rice }

Crispy Liempo{ Crispy Liempo }

Native Chicken Kansi{ Native Chicken Kansi or Sinigang ng Bacolod }

B and JPenpen's Restaurant yummy dinner foodHappy face utensilsi couldn’t be happier than these two folks with all the food spread in front of us. the crispy liempo paired with aligue rice was a hit and an absolute favorite! super delicious. reminiscing about it makes me want to have some now!!!

Candy dispenser and Dalanghita-Malunggay Juice { Candy dispenser and Dalanghita-Malunggay Juice }

and… is there anything cuter than getting your bill in this?

Penpen's Restaurant

Penpen's Restaurant* absolutely adorable. really made me feel part of the old world *

PenPen Restaurant
Cubao X, Q.C.
Tel. No. 3324021 or 0917-5347464

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