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Alan’s Grill

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Recently we’ve been pulled towards Cubao X a lot more than I’ve expected and like the usual, we are on the look out for some new place to try. We first saw a place which seemed like a writer’s bar without the library but with the dark sexy appeal to it. Their staff directed us to Alan’s Grill though when we asked where we could dine for dinner.

Alan's GrillIt is a usual drinking place but we realized that there is not much restaurant in this little place where we can eat so we had to settle. And since I missed to eat this pork dish called Chuchifrito from NACI, I’ve been craving for this or something similar and this did not disappoint to satisfy my hunger for pork meat!

Fried chicken{ His: Classic Fried Chicken }

Pork chop{ Hers: Porkchop }

Pale{ San Miguel Pale Pilsen beer }

Marcos and Aquino


We chatted the night away, reminiscing about how we started being “friends” and even before we started dating. And boy was I surprised that there are discrepancies on our memories! *laughs* This needs to be resolved before our big day! We don’t want to share conflicting stories about our love life. *laughs*

From reminiscing to appreciating art works… We’re off to Sweet Ecstacy! To be continued tomorrow…

Have a happy Monday! xo


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