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Army Navy Burger + Burrito

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Army Navy Burger + Burrito{ Army Navy Burger + Burrito }

B and I went to his old college campus and on the way I’ve seen this resto. Who can resist burger and burrito?! Definitely not me because both are my fave! And having a restaurant that offers both is just like heaven on earth! I never really liked the normal burrito with refried beans but, I’ve tasted breakfast burrito with cheese and bacon long before when I was in San Diego and I love it! I’ve been missing that because most of the Mexican resto in Manila do not offer breakfast burrito (or none that I know of), so imagine my excitement when I read on their menu that their offering breakfast burrito.

Army Navy Burger + Burrito{ Quonset hut design for their counter }

ArmyNavyBurgers+Burrito_props{ these stuff makes it look like a real military house… cool concept! }

ArmyNavyBurgers+Burrito{ Breakfast Burrito Steak. Flour tortilla filled with meat, toasted hashbrown, scrambled eggs and cilantro. this is my preferred heavenly breakfast burrito! so so good! Php190 }

ArmyNavyBurgers+Burrito_signsAt Army Navy, their burgers, burrito and everything you choose to order is made fresh. They make it as you order it, and serve it hot off the griddle.


Army Navy Burger + BurritoJudging by our happy faces, I must say it is Mission Accomplished!

Army Navy | Burger + Burrito
La Salle Archer’s Nook Center,
2624 Taft Avenue, Malate Manila
(02) 526-5252 (delivery)


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    Hi Jaycelle!

    Great shots. Have been dying to try this resto for a while now. Maybe on Hubby and my next staycation in Manila. =)

    T’was really great getting to know you at Blogapalooza. Following you as well. =)

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      Hello Jane este Christine! : )
      Thanks! Try it, I tried it once but I’m already excited for our next visit. 😀
      It was my pleasure to meet you in person as well! Looking forward for more blogger events for more bonding!

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