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Nuffnang and Goldilocks ‘Pagbabago’ contest came to a conclusion last Friday when they held the awarding ceremonies at their newest branch in Shaw Blvd., few blocks away from my office. We were invited because I submitted my entry regarding one of the personal changes in my life.

Guests were delighted to receive a DYC kits (Decorate Your Cake) which encourages creativity to come out and play! We never wasted time and started on our yummy art pieces.

That’s me working on my art piece!

You guessed it right! That’s B’s star-ship cake. Nom nom.

That was a lot of fun! Imagine you have these on any kiddie party or otherwise? That would be one heck of a party, don’t you think? Well, I do think so. *wink*

{ Laing РA spicy vegetable dish of dried gabi leaves and stems cooked in rich coconut milk and flavored with shrimps and slices of pork, Fresh Lumpia РA mixture of meat and chopped ubod and other vegetables rolled in a thin homemade wrapper and served with peanut sauce, Pork BBQ, Sotanghon Рnoodles with saut̩ed meat and vegetables, a couple of chocolates and their latest thirst-quencher Almond Lychee Popz }

Shortly after finishing up with decorating our own cake, they served us yummy dishes for dinner. (Good thing I didn’t munch on Choco Walnut Cruller that B gave me.)

Meanwhile, we played a game before the major event of the night. Wonder what arachibutyrophobia is? Well I didn’t know myself either. What I do know is that this question made our team the winner!

{ Thanks to B for picking the right answer for the team! I won’t say the answer, go guess it! *grin* }

Each of us winners got this baby as prizes. Luxe!

Now, onto the winners and other photos from the event.

{ The most eloquent category award was given to Ehdison. Read on his intriguing story here. }

{ The winner for the most creative blog category is Vivian. You can read her entry here. }

{ Last but not the least, the overall winner is Kcat. Her touching and inspiring story can be read here. }

{ Goldilocks staff flocking at TV celebrity, Edward Mendez! }

We’re lining up for the photobooth, yay!!!

Thank you Goldilocks and Nuffnang for this event! Thanks my B for joining me here.

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun


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