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Bacon Margherita Pizza

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After a long, productive and fulfilling day running around doing wedding errands, we decided to dine out as a simple treat.

There’s a new Pizza Hut branch at Farmer’s Cubao and there are quite a number of interesting new dishes added to their menu — we’re here to try them out!

Bacon Margherita Pizza. Seems this pizza has three kinds of cheese, huge tomato slices, basil and tasty BACON STRIPS!!! This was the highlight of my night!

Although I only ate a slice. I am not forgetting that I am getting married in a few weeks time so I still need to watch my diet to fit into my gown! Haha!

{ Pesto Chicken Penne. Penne pasta with basil, pesto and cream sauteed with tender chicken strips }

This is the look of a tired but happy couple.

I thought Pizza Hut offered the same old pizza and pasta menu they had for years but I was wrong, they have a lot of new dishes that are both delicious and affordable. If you’re stuck eating the same old lunch or dinner, do yourself a favor and head over to Pizza Hut’s branch near you!

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    We could be one of the Ninja Turtles!

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