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I want some Bad Cookie!

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Bad CookiesWhen I’m having a rough day, I want me some Bad Cookie?! *yuum*

I first heard of Bad Cookie from a friend and just with it’s name, I know it’s one bad-ass cookie that I just have to try. They are a home-based desserts shop that have a dessert menu that would represent all the witty, weird and quirky in you. Green TT Minded, anyone?

Their cookies are soft, chewy, buttery, with real premium chocolates and different exotic flavors to choose from. This is one indulgent treat for your day to day, freshly baked every time!

Bad Cookie
Love the elegant black and white packaging. Somewhat of a contrast to the quirkiness of their cookies.
Bad Cookie
Happiness in a box of Bad Cookie!
Bad Cookie
“There’s always a bad cookie in the jar.”

Bad Cookie

Bad Cookie
Flavors: {L-R, T-B} Green TT Minded, CheeseOreoserous, Reese in Piece, Da Bean Cheese, Twisted Logic and Bitter Tweet.
Bad Cookie
Bad Cookie: CheeseOreosorous
Bad Cookie
Bad Cookie: Twisted Logic

Tell me, what’s your flavor? These bad-ass cookies can be delivered within Metro Manila.

Bad Cookie
Facebook: Bad Cookie
Phone: +639174800597


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