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Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Ours was exhilarating-ly fun due to the Canon Photomarathon 2010 experience. Again, thank you my B for inviting me to join you in that event. And like what B said, “I did the BDJ dance and you did the Canon dance.” It’s super fun to be exposed to each other’s events (Mine – BDJ Fair. His – Canon Photomarathon). So today, I think it is about time to share our BDJ Fair experience held last October 24.

I’ve learned about this Belle de Jour Power Planner since 2008 yet I was only able to attend their biggest event this year. They celebrated their 5th year anniversary with a bang! And, they launched the Belle de Jour Power Planner 2011. All participants were able to avail of it with a 20% discount. How cool is that?!

It was a sunny Sunday full of fun, excitement, promos, games and lots of prizes and giveaways.


IMG_5181{ loving her black bow ring! }

IMG_5191{ this I won from the raffle draw just by attending this event. cool! }

IMG_5207{ lots of prizes and giveaways. fun fun fun! }

To view more of our BDJ Fair photos, click here.

Many thanks to BDJ for holding this kind of event and most especially, thank you to my Brian for joining me in this girly event and taking these fab photos. You are wonderful!

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    You wouldn’t believe it. Girls who joined the contest were shrieking in excitement and they stampeded each other out while seeking the hidden clues.

    And they did the BDJ dance a la “altogether now!” right after the contest — as if they never tire out.

    Whoa just whoa. Culture shock.

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      Laughing out loud! Estrogen overload. 😀

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