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be good to your heart, eat grilled… and laugh out loud!

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i had my annual physical exam at Medical City in Gateway, Cubao yesterday while my B went to his Saturday class. he immediately followed to accompany me while the nurse is getting my blood sample. *scary* soon after, we head to the mall’s food court to search for a good place to eat.. and we rediscovered World Chicken!

World Chicken3{ World Chicken in Gateway, Cubao Food Court }

World Chicken1
World Chicken4

there are 3 step-by-step process in creating your platter and placing your orders. they offer freshly grilled boneless chicken with a choice of either 1 or 2 sidings which can be any type of rice, pasta, mashed potatoes or salads (yes, they categorize rice and pasta as sidings!). you can even choose the sauce you would like for your chicken. y-u-m-m-y!

funny thing is, this time we’re not able to take photos of our own orders. i guess we were too hungry and excited to eat our food! *haha*

right after our filling lunch, i mentioned this Tagalog movie to B – Zombadings that are being raved because of its comedic appeal. and so we headed to the cinema for an impromptu movie date. *happiness!*

Bangkok Ghost Stories{ my B impersonating Mario Maurer’s movie poster *funny* }

Glee 3D

{ Glee 3D in cinemas coming soon }

we had fun with all the other movie posters coming soon to cinemas before we watched Zombadings. look at B enjoying there on the top photo, haha! see more photos here.

Gateway Cinema2 { waiting for more trailers. we want to watch Dream House showing soon! }

Gateway Cinema3Zombadings – Philippines’ first ever zombie comedy film starring Roderick Paulate, Janice De Belen, Eugene Domingo, John Regala, Lauren Young, Kerbie Zamora and Martin Escudero, as quoted from Asian Movie Pulse.

it was super fun to watch i even hurt my tummy from non-stop laughing! seriously. if you haven’t seen this, you better should!

be good to your heart, eat grilled… and laugh out loud! we all need some good laughter.


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