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Bigoli Ristorante

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{ picture taken in the apt before our little date.. *smiles* }

One Saturday afternoon was spent going on a quick trip to a relatively new place that might be one of our future date places, Eton Centris Walk.

{ Carousel at Centris Walk. I besprinkle carousel as one of the magical elements in my relationship with my B. ? (a different story on that is necessary to understand this. hihi.) }

Centris Walk. This exciting strip is master-planned to be the new dining, lifestyle and entertainment capital of the metropolis. It will cater to Metro Manila’s gourmet food enthusiasts, bar hoppers and party lovers. Centris Walk will offer prime retail spaces and almost 1,000 secured parking slots. Making use of “green architecture”, this new dining and lifestyle oasis will feature lush landscape, covered walks and pedestrian-friendly promenades.

{ … indeed … }

{ will my B be able to finish this HUGE burger?? *munch munch* }

It was indeed a quick trip. Since not all restaurants are open yet, we opted to go to TriNoma for dinner. We might have to come back few months from now to explore. I’m looking forward to that!

We looked and looked and roamed around and found what they say as TriNoma’s best kept secret — Bigoli Ristorante.

{ serves real Italian food the fast-food way }

His: *best-seller* Stromboli Bacon Php120

His: Meltique Beef pasta Bigoli Php125

{ my B would have enjoyed his Italian dinner 100% if not for his allergies cause by dust. poor B. }

Hers: Italian Chicken Spaghetti Pesto Php170

{ i finished my meal first. that’s how much i liked my order! *burp* }

What’s a better way to finish a sumptuous meal other than a sweet ending?

{ we ordered Gelato Solo Doppio double chocolate Php50 }

At Bigoli, you can expect a hip and modern food place that offers good authentic Italian food at affordable prices. Not only do they have complimentary breadsticks for every pasta orders, they have big helpings that encourage sharing with your friends!

If you’re in TriNoma and craving for some Italian eats, head on over to the 4th floor near Cinema 7 and smell TriNoma’s best kept secret.

TriNoma Mall
EDSA cor. North Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Phone Number: (63 2) 901-5742

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun

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    Sumptuous scrumptious!

    I thought you were the one allergic to dust a la matrix-style. Haha..

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      Ha ha. But you’re the one who had runny nose after cleaning the apt. ^_^

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