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Birthday at Oakroom

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I remember the first time I met B, he was just twenty-five, and this year — he’s celebrating his thirty-second birthday! Amazing seven years have passed and I am one happy woman to be celebrating his birthday again with me. I’d say I am not a good gift-giver and so I tend to lean towards throwing him a food feast as my little surprise gift. Don’t judge!

Last year, I prepared him some breakfast in bed and a dinner date. This year, well, he got a not-so-surprise birthday dinner at Oakroom.

Speaking of birthdays, I will never ever forget this beautiful birthday song that darling B played to me on one of my birthdays and it’s now part of our birthday’s little tradition…

When you wake up sun will shine. We will not go under any cloud. Let balloons go up in town, ring out every bell.


Happy birthday, beautiful, all the birds of this day sing a song, sing a song.


Dream of trains carrying you through the state parks with the cherry flowers. When you wake up it will be the beginning of the world.


Happy birthday, beautiful darling B!

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    you both remind me of john lennon and yoko ono

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      Wow! 😀 I couldn’t be more honored just because I love those two! Haha

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