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Brand new day and garden inspirations…

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Did you enjoy the long weekend? I hope everyone had a superb time with everything that inspires and you love most. Ours were spent bonding with families, cleaning and organizing piled up junk, styling a 4-month old charming baby boy for a photo shoot, visiting relatives, playing with kids and eating fast foods! I know the latter does not sound any good so today will be a start of a healthier eating habit (again). These long weekends are rare so we have to spend it the most special way possible. Blogging and work took a backseat but now we are back!

I’m just popping in to share these whimsical little garden inspirations..

white pastel pink garden house{ How pretty is this garden house. White, pink, flowers and all pretty details. }

picnic in the garden{ If I have a garden set-up like this, I would do my movie watching + work here! }

backyard garden{ A simple refreshing backyard garden with lots of greens + flowers. }

I woke up to my own excitement when my B said we can transform an unused space beside his apt unit into a garden! Maybe we can grow some herb to be used as fresh spices when cooking. Maybe we can grow vines on its walls. Maybe we can grow pretty flowers… then we’ll have afternoon teas and sweet treats in there.. and the list can go on forever with exciting ideas! *hooray*

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