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Brian & Jaycelle in Frames

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{ Music: Stay with You by John Legend }

Darling B created this video as a surprise for me but due to time constraint at our wedding reception, this was not played for me and for our guests’ pleasure.

I am totally smitten with how creatively he used our “traditional” 10-shots photos by making it into this delightful video. His got mad editing skills, I tell you! So proud!

There’s something touching looking, watching our photos from years ago. Photos tell so much just by the way we smile, we laugh and we goof around each other. This is one of the perks of living in this digital age — we get to capture and preserve these beautiful memories. And I got a husband (<— insert kilig moments here) who is beyond amazing for being so awesomely creative! Everything he touches become special. I am urging him to share his talent to the world, but that would be a different post!

ThisĀ 10-shots video will totally fall under our yearly tradition. Enjoy watching! xxx

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