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The smokey eye look is more of an eye makeup effect. Smokey eyes can range from dramatic black to bright smokey eyes down to neutral smokey eyes; it all depends on the person wearing it. There is no exact definition of a smokey eye look. Some people do smokey eyes using one, two or even three eyeshadow colors blended into one. The fourth color is just a highlight color for the brows or to brighten up the eyes a little. The only common thing about smokey eyes is the way the eyeliner is smudged that is the base and a must for all smokey eyes look.

For my model, I did bright smokey eyes using purple eyeshadow.

Day 6 – Bright Smokey Eyes

Model: Racquel Almazan

Before Pic: Racquel

After (Close eyes)
After Pic: Racquel

After Pic: Racquel


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