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Brodude and Ladybabe – Countryside Travellers

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Countryside Travellers{ Headware Lifestyle Photo Contest entry, 26 August 2012 }

Brodude and Ladybabe, they travel rain or shine. Whichever weather, they have their Headware wrapped around — as a headband, bandana, mask, and even cuffs (so they won’t lose each other). Headware is on their list of to-brings along with swiss knife.

And weren’t they glad for a great customer service when they needed to replace a product (Ladybabe’s headband) just before their Vietnam trip.

So, boys and girls — two words. Or one. Headware!

Happy Monday holiday! I know most of you are still out and about for yet another long weekend. Very lucky people! Well, while most of you are frolicking in the sun or just caving, relaxing at home…

We, over here our busy making some pretty little changes in this site, like what I’ve mentioned in our Facebook page. And YES!!! For those who doesn’t know yet, we are now on Facebook! ‘Like’ us if you want to keep updated on our latest food finds, personal style, fashion updates, promos and giveaways!

Here are the first little changes we’ve done for our site so far:

1. ZALORA Philippines Pick of the Day is now up!!! This is where I will feature THE HOTTEST and my MOST FAVORITE ITEM for the day. Do check them out and feel free to use my discount code to get 5% OFF. Sweet!
2. Sharing buttons look prettier and easier on the eyes than before, also easier to send me some LOVE by sharing and liking! ?
3. Site background is being improved to display more texture.

Hope you are liking the changes. Expect some more tweaking here and there until we think the site is oh so pretty!

And while we took a break from all the blog work, we had an impromptu photoshoot for an entry we submitted for Headware Lifestyle Photo Contest. Brodude and Ladybabe are the personas we took on as an inspiration for this shoot. We like retro, 90’s fashion. May we be 1 of the lucky winners! *good luck*

In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy this holiday by cooking something up in the kitchen and doing something productive.

Seize the day! xo


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