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Cafe 1771

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The minute I entered Cafe 1771, I fell in love with its interiors. It’s basically divided into two spaces — The Lounge and The Whimsy.


The Lounge

Located on the left side as you enter the front door is The Lounge which has a library feel where guests can have breakfast, lunch or dinner with a sense of privacy. Tall French windows overlook ADB Avenue. It is ideal for business meetings, entertaining clients and foreign visitors or a casual feel-good lunch or dinner. Service is hushed and personalized. Half of The Lounge can be partitioned into a private room for twenty persons.


Lunch and dinner fare is hearty with cocottes, stews and casseroles, a sprinkling of appetizers, salads, pastas and grilled items. Chateau favorites such as Tomato Cheese Fondue, Raclette, Pasta Chorizo and Lemon Chicken make a comeback in this side of town. Breakfast is both quaint and modern Filipino. Desserts are top-notch in the Chateau tradition but in petite, personalized portions.


The Whimsy

A stylish semi-self service deli-café that makes you feel like you stepped on the train and zoomed into Europe. The centerpiece is a fancy counter that beckons you to come over and place your order with our specialist manager behind the counter and is trained to expertly help you compose your meal. The Whimsy is fun, charming, light, airy and very casual while at the same time striking and elegant.

IMG_4998_web_1200The Whimsy specializes in Swiss Cheese Toast which can be topped with prosciutto, home-made ham or grilled vegetables. It also serves freshly made hot and cold gourmet sandwiches and pizzas. You will delight in the wonderful finds in our counter from baked scones, cookies and sweets to pot pies, salads, and pop-in-the oven casseroles for take out. Chateau’s famous Coffee Pie can be ordered for take out too, in slices or in whole. The Whimsy is also open for breakfast and serves the same menu as The Dining Room.


Food On Our Table


IMG_5022_web_1200{ Fresh Fruit Shakes }


IMG_5031_web_1200{ Fried Squash Flowers. Php280. Stuffed with anchovy and kesong puti then deep-fried. }


IMG_5032_web_1200{ Spaghetti with Sardines and Fried Capers. Php350. Spaghetti tossed in sardines fried with garlic and topped with fried capers and toasted breadcrumbs. }


IMG_5034_web_1200{ Salbacho Pizza. Php380. Napolitaine sauce, salami, bacon and chorizo, mozzarella and basil }


IMG_5035_web_1200{ Whimsy Burger. Php410. 200g Certified Angus Beef patty with melted gruyere cheese nestled inside a homemade brioche bun. Served with lettuce, roasted Baguio tomato, grilled onions, a homemade dill pickle and french fries }

Not to mention bone marrow on the side as bonus! This is sinfully good. Bone marrow + Angus Beef patty = heaven in my mouth! I love hamburgers. I love meat. I’m a self-confessed carnivore and this burger tops of my list, above McDonalds Quarter Pounder.

The fries is not soggy and does not taste like it’s drenched in oil. Just the right saltiness too.

Specialty of the House

IMG_5042_web_1200{ Organic Chicken in Potato Crust. Php580. Slow-baked, juicy chicken covered with cracked potato chips }

Cocettes, Stews and Casseroles

IMG_5043_web_1200{ Orange Pork Spareribs. Php450. Stewed in a long-simmered sauce made of soy sauce, orange juice, garlic and ginger }




IMG_5065_web_1200{ Amandelle. Php300. Milk chocolate mousse in between layers of orange creme brulee and caramelized apricot and almond dacquoise }

IMG_5066_web_1200This is so good, melts-in-your-mouth-chocolate-goodness with a tinge of orange. This might look like a personalized portion but this is good for sharing. Unless you want to have a sore throat after eating a rich, thick chocolate!

IMG_5067_web_1200{ Rose Noire. Php250. Layered dark chocolate ganache, meringue, hazel nut praline topped with chocolate glaze }

I must admit that I haven’t been fair with this dessert, since I first tried Amandelle. I got so focused with it that I forgot I still have this other chocolate dessert. By the time I remembered, I also couldn’t it anymore. I was in dessert coma. I vowed to try this solely again next time.


And look! Just before heading out, I saw they are selling some cutesie-patootsie stuff – accessories, stationery, etc. So cute!



Cafe 1771
El Pueblo, Ortigas Center, Ortigas
Phone: 631-7340 (Reservations)
Open for: Breakfast, Lunch, Merienda, Dinner, After Dinner Drinks


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