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Calderón Cocina Tapas y Bebidas

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Spanish cuisine is surely close to Pinoy‘s heart. And why wouldn’t it be? Ever since the Spanish settlers in the 16th century lived in our country, their dishes highly influenced our own Pinoy local cuisine. So spotting Calderón, an authentic home-style Spanish restaurant in a quaint, cozy hole-in-the-wall setting in San Juan is like finding a precious gem that’s truly to be treasured!

Calderon Paella{ Paella Valenciana Php700 }

*Of all the dishes, Paella Valenciana is the only one I missed to capture. So photo credits to Dude For Food!

I first heard of this resto from a friend who wanted to set a girl’s night out but didn’t push through. So when we got an invite to sample their luscious dishes, my heart skipped a beat! It’s meant to be — Calderón’s meant to satiate my Spanish cravings!

IMG_2489_dpp_1200_sahagun{ Paella Negra Php500 }

Between these two rice dishes, Paella Negra has got to be my favorite. And this one tastes really good! I suspect I love this especially because of the garlic mayo!!!

IMG_2493_dpp_1200_sahagun{ Bacalao ala Vizcaina Php280 }

IMG_2495_dpp_1200_sahagun{ Pollo Iberico Php800 }

We’re lucky to be served with this famous bestseller, roast Spanish chicken recipe, which would normally require you to order 1 day in advance. The meat is tender and flavorful with all those garlic and herbs, slowly cooked together with the chicken. It’s totally worth ordering in advance to be enjoyed on your next foodie date!

IMG_2497_dpp_1200_sahagun{ Sangria Calderon Carafe Php700 }

We dined here on a weekday, but having a sangria in hand made me feel like I’m enjoying the night away on a weekend! How could I be so lucky?! *laughs*

IMG_2498_dpp_1200_sahagun{ Chuleton en Calderon }

*Now available in 8oz and 14 oz sizes.*

Another surprise of the night — first dibs of this amazing Chuleton, which at the time we dined was still not part of the menu, but is already part of their menu as I write this post. Premium Wagyu beef + seasoned with salt  and pepper = ahh-ma-ziiing Chuleton! Another new favorite!

IMG_2500_dpp_1200_sahagun{ Patatas con Aioli Php250 }

This dish in a small bowl is surprisingly perfect when paired with Chuleton! Try it as a pair, I’m telling you! MUST-TRY!!! It’s cheesy and malinamnam!

IMG_2502_dpp_1200_sahagunCheers to good food with good company!” has become my favorite line. *smiles*

IMG_2508_dpp_1200_sahagun{ Cangrejos ala Calderon, seasonal Php1000 }

A must-try for crab lovers. This specialty was cooked in lots of garlic, tarragon, olive oil and infused with lemon. This is worth getting your hands dirrrty!

IMG_2512_dpp_1200_sahagunMy date for tonight. Thanks my B for the wonderful photos yet again. *wink*



IMG_2516_dpp_1200_sahagun{ Fabada Asturiana Php300 }

IMG_2521_dpp_1200_sahagunAnother first dibs on their new dish, Roasted Bone Marrow. Heavenly, sinfully good! Enough said.

IMG_2526_dpp_1200_sahagun{ Pasta de Chorizo Php220 }

The egg on top was a surprising element in this chorizo pasta.


IMG_2531_dpp_1200_sahagunMany thanks to Calderon’s dynamic team — (L-R) Chef Rafa Ysip, Angela Melo, Marmi Perez and Monchet Carballo for a delicioso dinner.

IMG_2535_dpp_1200_sahagun{ Churros con Chocolate Php250 }

Another classic Spanish postres (desserts) — thick chocolate against soft crusty bread peppered with sugar. Classically good!

IMG_2545_dpp_1200_sahagun{ Torrijas con Helado Php250 }

A sweet ending to a sumptuous dinner, indeed.

Calderon Cocina Tapas y Bebidas
403 F. Calderon Street
San Juan, Metro Manila
Call 238-2264 for inquiries.


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