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Celebrating life’s occasion spells good food, endless conversations and lots of laughter.

This time, we celebrated my youngest brother-in-law’s birthday at this restaurant that serves Pinoy food which mostly of Kapampangan origin. Here we revisited some Pinoy favorite dishes: Crispy Pata and Kare-Kare to name a few.

IMG_8132_dpp_1200_sahagunBamboo Rice Php250. Mountain rice cooked with shrimps, wood ear mushrooms and bamboo shoots steamed in a bamboo shell.

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Snapshots: Bag of Beans

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Bag of Beans has been like our comfort place to stop-by when we are in Tagaytay. The place is homey and the food is good. One rainy afternoon (this explains the fact that we are the only diners this time) on our drive to Tagaytay, we made a quick stop here for lunch. Here are some snapshots.


{ Xam, mom and me }


{ Mom’s: Cheese omelet with two buttermilk pancakes Php160 }


We didn’t roam around the area, precisely because it was raining. This was our view from one of the cabanas on the side. This photo was captured before it really starts to rain.


{ My order: Cream of Broccoli or Cauliflower Soup Php120 }


{ Xam’s: Lasagna Php195 }


{ Glenn, Xam, mom and me }

I’m not sure why I didn’t take photo of Glenn’s order which was probably blue marlin or tuna belly, but I remembered clearly that I enjoyed snagging it from his plate. Haha!

5 days to go before Christmas!!! Happy weekend! xoxo

Krazy Garlik goes to Greenhills

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Krazy Garlik Greenhills

Go on a garlicky adventure while tasting the different recipes from around the clove with Krazy Garlik’s newest branch at Promenade’s New Wing in Greenhills. Adding to the garlicky goodness of its roster of four restaurants, Krazy Garlik is now ready to feed the hungry foodies of the north. With flavors that will excite even non-believers, you shouldn’t miss out on this dining destination that glorifies the beautiful taste of garlic.

First time I’ve tried Krazy Garlik was with my girl friends at their Greenbelt 5 branch. Imagine the excitement of us, people from the North, to find out they opened a new branch in Greenhills. Now it’s closer to home and easier to visit when we crave for anything garlic-ky.

Interiors and Facade

Krazy Garlik Greenhills

For this garlicky adventure, we’ve tried nothing but their best sellers.


Spinach and Cream{ Spinach and Cream Php260. Deep-fried wanton wrapper stuffed with spinach and cream cheese. Served with salsa and kimchi }


Amazing KG Salad{ Amazing Krazy Garlik Salad Php325. A refreshing Asian salad mix. Cucumber, bell peppers, onions and oriental chicken strips tossed in sesame lime dressing. Topped with fried wanton and peanut sauce }

1st favorite! I am loving pretty much any dish with cucumber, so much so if it is a refreshing salad like this. The onion did not pose a strongly awkward flavor, which I like. The tenderness of the chicken strips add texture and compliments the taste.


Stuffed Pechay{ Stuffed Pechay Php295. Pechay leaves stuffed with ground pork and smoked fish simmered in our coco chili cream sauce }

2nd favorite! Don’t you just love dishes that are stuffed?! Veggies and pork together sounds good to me.

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Get hooked on Fish & Co.’s new baits

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{ Raspberry Sunrise Php150 }

P.s. Don’t judge! Our wedding event is over and I am cutting myself some slack and trying to eat “normal” again and slightly giving in to my cravings. Haha!

For the love of everything seafood, Fish and Co. with dishes new and fresh. Bistro Group Corporate Chef Josh Boutwood gave this beloved fish and seafood restaurant a menu overhaul.

Starters / Appetizers

{ Shrimp Popcorn Php335. Tender chunks of shrimp coated in our signature spices and deep fried to perfection. Served with chipotle mayo dip }

We started off with Shrimp Popcorn served with nachos. The shrimp itself is freshly fried and has just the right amount of spice. No rancid taste from an overly used cooking oil, just freshly deep fried shrimp perfectly paired with the chipotle mayo dip. Super good! 1st favorite.

{ Fish Crab Cakes Php625. Premium fish and crab flakes blended with spices and herbs then topped with refreshing cilantro salsa }

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Love Food, Don’t Waste

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Foodless Plate CampaignStudies show that we waste over 2,000 tons of food every single day in Metro Manila. And this is such a heart-breaking fact esp if we are aware that there are thousands, if not millions of people who don’t eat a decent meal at least three times a day. Thus, Healthy Options came up with an idea on how to solve the food wastage problem. And I am totally on-board in joining this campaign to fight food wastage!

Too much food gets thrown out. It’s time to take a stand against food wastage! Join the Love Food, Don’t Waste campaign now.

Here’s how:

  1. After eating, post a photo of your empty plate on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
  2. Include a caption and don’t forget the #foodlessplate hash tag.
  3. Share your #foodlessplate photo on your other social media accounts.
  4. Tag the Healthy Options Facebook page (, Twitter (@_HealthyOptions), and Instagram (@HealthyOptionsPH) accounts.
  5. A donation will be made to Hands On Manila Foundation, Inc.’s EAT TO FEED program once we reach 500 entries. So invite other friends to join the cause!

You can submit one photo per day. Your #foodlessplate photos need to be set to public in order for them to count.

We can all help stop Food Wastage. Remember, every single plate matters. Love Food, Don’t Waste.

Upload a photo of your #foodlessplate to feed someone in need.