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Bacon Margherita Pizza

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After a long, productive and fulfilling day running around doing wedding errands, we decided to dine out as a simple treat.

There’s a new Pizza Hut branch at Farmer’s Cubao and there are quite a number of interesting new dishes added to their menu — we’re here to try them out!

Bacon Margherita Pizza. Seems this pizza has three kinds of cheese, huge tomato slices, basil and tasty BACON STRIPS!!! This was the highlight of my night!

Although I only ate a slice. I am not forgetting that I am getting married in a few weeks time so I still need to watch my diet to fit into my gown! Haha!

{ Pesto Chicken Penne. Penne pasta with basil, pesto and cream sauteed with tender chicken strips }

This is the look of a tired but happy couple.

I thought Pizza Hut offered the same old pizza and pasta menu they had for years but I was wrong, they have a lot of new dishes that are both delicious and affordable. If you’re stuck eating the same old lunch or dinner, do yourself a favor and head over to Pizza Hut’s branch near you!

Granny’s Burger on

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Food delivery services in Manila are quickly becoming common. So we, as consumers, are very lucky to have several options just when we need it the most. With erratic work schedules and cravings springing instantaneously, food delivery services are such sweet blessings that always come handy. Logo

The new concept here is that these companies can sign up ANY restaurant you can think of–even those without delivery services. So now, you can order from anyone, anywhere. Multiple ordering made easy by ordering online! Restaurants

If you are like me who is a newbie from ordering food online, this has a “wow” factor, don’t you agree?

And to baptize me in this whole food-delivery-services shebang, I’ve tried my fingers and clicked my way to ordering Granny’s Burger through!

Granny's Burger on Foodie.phBefore I share with you the yummy food I’ve ordered, I want to share my experience from ordering online through

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NINYO Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge

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Escape from all the metro madness and relax in the cozy intimate ambiance of NINYO Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge, where you can now experience Chef Niño’s artistic fusion of Asian and European Cuisines with 100 of the world’s great wines.

There are not very many Filipino fine dining restaurant that I’ve heard of, and this place gave diners that feel of luxe that you can get from a fancy restaurant. Cozy, intimate ambiance, well-trained and very attentive servers, food as an artwork on a plate and exquisite taste — that’s NINYO Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge.


I’m such a sucker for complimentary breads and pastries esp when they are really good and theirs is one of those that you can really munch on while waiting for your order.

IMG_6797{ My date who is almost always behind the camera. *swoon* }

IMG_6799“Sometimes, you just need to ask a girl out on a date.”

His and Hers: Food On The Table

IMG_6814{ Hers: Sauteed Seafood Medley with Wasabi Coconut Sauce Php680 }
Sauteed prawns, squid, tuna, salmon, manila clams, New Zealand mussels, and shitake mushrooms, drizzled with wasabi and coconut creme sauce, served with steamed Japanese rice.
My photo didn’t give it justice. I enjoyed this very much and the wasabi lent a spicy taste but this dish ain’t fiery hot.

IMG_6817{ His: Grilled Chicken Balsamic Teriyaki Php450 }
Served with grilled Japanese rice, grilled leeks with miso, tomato and onion.
Whenever B doesn’t know what to order, his default is chicken. This one did not disappoint. It’s Teriyaki but not just any other Teriyaki chicken I’ve tasted. The concept of the grilled rice is interesting too.

We had a nice, pretty quick dinner date here. The diners are well-behaved and quiet just like in any other fancy restaurant, I suppose. It’s just us who were a bit loud since we are enjoying taking photos of each other and the place and the food. Poor thing!

Aside from the seats inside, they also have cottages outside which are perfect for bigger groups who don’t want to contain their giggles and laughter inside, and since it’s open I suppose smoking is allowed outside. Maybe it’s good to note for smokers who are foodie too.


IMG_6826If you want a quiet, down time date with your special someone, NINYO is a good place to try. If you are from Quezon City, you are in luck! It’s tucked along Loyola Heights, very near Katipunan area.


I hope you have your romantic date, too! *kisses*

NINYO Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge
66 Esteban Abada Street, Loyola Heights,
1108 Quezon City, Philippines
For reservations and inquiries:

Sunshine Kitchen

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IMG_7187{ Key Lime Pie Ice Cream Php240 }

This might be THE most perfect Monday post — my Sunshine Kitchen experience (to shoo away Monday blues)! I will start backwards by sharing this amazingly delicious ice cream for dessert — Key Lime Pie Ice Cream. I didn’t know what flavor it was so when it was served I thought “just another vanilla ice cream” given that it’s white… BUT to my surprise, it’s lime PLUS the texture of the crushed crackers (I suppose) blended perfectly well with the soft but not-easy-to-melt ice cream. It’s such a good play on the texture and taste. Truly the most “pasabog” surprise for me at Sunshine Kitchen.

I “roam” around while waiting for our festivity to start and here is how this foodie place looks like.


They have a sleek bar. And loads of beers to choose from. Too bad I missed to take up-close photo of the beers but we might see them again in person. Date soon, my B?


Now let the foodie virtual tour begin. We started with three appetizers and here are two that stuck with me, especially this one. It’s deliciously paired with their freshly baked bread rolls. AND this BREAD ROLLS – ugh! Seriously delicious!

IMG_7168{ Creamy Crab and Shrimp Dip with Artichokes Php380 }

IMG_7166{ Marinated Whiting Php290. Garlic, lemon juice, wine vinegar and olive oil }

IMG_7169{ Fresh Orange Juice Php160 }

IMG_7170{ Mint Cooler Php160 }

IMG_7178{ 6 Hour Slow Rost Porchetta Php480, good for sharing }

This is another reason I need to go back. It stayed perfectly crunchy even if it was just sitting on the table, waiting its turn to be devoured. I’m such a carnivore! No wonder why I’m healthy-chubby-looking.


IMG_7184{ Myta’s Pizza Php480. Marinara sauce, ricotta, bell peppers, Cabanatuan longganisa }


Special thanks to Sunshine Kitchen management for having us for this special dinner!


Sunshine Kitchen
2nd Floor Fort Pointe Bldg 1,
The Fort Strip, Global City
0928 8212625

NamNam, truly malinamnam

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More and more restos are sprouting in Makati and I’ve visited one that is perfect for small, medium or large group, it’s called NamNam — a fresh and delightful take on Filipino comfort food.

IMG_7045{ Even the interiors have a modern take on Filipino restaurant look }

If you are the type who craves for a classic Pinoy dish, expect NamNam to satiate your cravings. And if you are the type who wishes to put twists on your classic Pinoy favorites, be ready to be surprised with their version of twisted classic Pinoy dishes!

IMG_7032{ Ensaladang NamNam Php115, small }

I love the combination of pomelo and green mango taste. Just the right sour taste enough to whet your appetite.

NamNam is just one of the concept restaurants by the same team behind Que and Burger Bar. Their urge to put up this concept sprung because they feel that Filipino cuisine is under-served hence the birth of NamNam last January 2013.

IMG_7038{ Sinigang na Beef Short Rib and Watermelon Php215, small }

This one surprised me. I’ve been eating that red thing (see above) and thought it was tomatoes and was so surprised to know that it is the watermelon! It gave the classic sinigang a spun of sweet against its sour taste.

IMG_7034{ University Fried Rice Php135, small }

Perfect for solo eaters. Its comparable with rice bowl meals — you have your meat embedded in the flavored rice and now top with sunny side up. Comfort in a bowl!

IMG_7036{ Caramelized Patis Wings Php155, small }

Don’t be fooled with the name. Although it says patis (fish sauce), this is not salty at all. It has the right crisp to the bite, enough sweet, salty and spicy to the taste. Sarap papakin!

IMG_7041{ Buko Pineapple Shake }

Another menu item that has a surprising twist. Tastes more Pineapple than it looks.

IMG_7047{ Gata Leche Flan Php85, small }

A classic Pinoy dessert twisted with rich flavor of gata (coconut milk). If you are not too much of a sweet tooth, better share the small serving with a buddy.


What I personally liked about them is that they have small (good for 1), medium (good for 3) and large (good for 6) servings which I think is brilliant. They also presented their menu in a 50/50 presentation — half classics – half twists (if only I have a better photo of their menu, you’ll know what I mean!)

So even if you’re a solo eater, there’s surely a dish for you. Same if you’re dining with a big group, you can opt to choose several dishes in medium so you can share and you can taste a lot more dishes than just eating your own dish order.

Have a taste of malinamnam goodness at NamNam!

G/F Greenbelt 2, Esperanza St cor Greenbelt Dr
Ayala Center, Makati
(02) 625-0515