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Did you know? 99% of Filipinos suffer from food intolerance.

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Healthway Medical FIT

99% of Filipinos suffer from food intolerance. And so Healthway Medical introduces FIT, a test to detect food intolerance.

Reactions to certain foods are quite common. However, some reactions go unnoticed until certain abnormal manifestations occur – internally (physiological) or externally (physical, i.e. on skin). Where food ALLERGY has almost an immediate reaction, food INTOLERANCE, on the other hand, does not immediately manifest. Sometimes, it takes as much several months or as short as days for symptoms to be obvious.

According to Nutrition and Lifestyle Counselor Ginny Sinense-Marksl, RND, food intolerance often occurs in people who eat normal or even very common food substance (rice, egg, dairy, wheat) that they are highly sensitive to. These foods cause inflammations in their body that could manifest as allergy-like reactions such as diarrhea, bloating, stomach cramps and at times, skin rashes that almost never seem to subside. Also, it could be one of the major reasons why it is difficult to manage any weight problem.

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MUNI Market Day

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MUNI Market Day 3MUNI Market Day promotes healthy, sustainable living with a fun, community vibe.

Now on its 3rd run, MUNI Market Day continues to bring together mindful merchants and conscious consumers, this time on March 28, 2015, 9AM-5PM at Capitol Commons. True to its mission of providing not just an avenue for sellers, MUNI Market Day continues with its goals to educate guests on how to introduce healthier, more sustainable options into their lifestyle.
Apart from feasting on wholesome food and buying local or Eco-friendly products, interested attendees can sign up for workshops on Urban Farming by Bahay Kubo Organics, Plant-based Nutrition by The Superfood Grocer, Vegan / Gluten-Free Cooking by Jertie’s Kitchen, and Indoor Planting by The Green House Project.

MUNI Market DayAlso, one of the unique draws or highlights of MUNI Market Day is the selection of musicians who bring a lot of good vibes throughout the event.
MUNI Market Day is brought to you by MUNI, a collaborative community that has been working to promote mindful living through events like this, meetups, forums, or other workshops, design collaborations, and content, which can be found on, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For more inquiries or possible collaborations, e-mail the Muni team at, or for interested merchants. For more information visit

*This is a sponsored post.

Glamping + Music Fest, Anyone?

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Lifestyle Network Glamping Presscon

Lifestyle Network and Travel Factor Introduce Glamping at Summer Siren Festival

Lifestyle Network and Travel Factor Introduce Glamorous Camping at Summer Siren Festival.

Have you ever dreamed of trying out camping but scared of the discomfort that awaits you — setting up the tent, lighting the bonfire, sleeping on the ground with just your slouchy sleeping bags? Well, fret not because GLAMPING is already here in the Philippines — and it’s happening at the Summer Siren Festival in Crystal Beach Zambales!

Lifestyle Network Glamping Presscon

Travel Factor’s Summer Siren Festival makes a comeback to Zambales’ Crystal Beach with the country’s premiere cable channel, Lifestyle Network. This year’s festival will be a beach experience like no other as Lifestyle Network introduces the first-ever beach GLAMPING event in the country.

Karen Pamintuan hosted the Lifestyle Network Glamping Presscon

Karen Pamintuan hosted the Lifestyle Network Glamping Presscon

Filipino beach party goers are invited to experience GLAMPING at the festival grounds as Crystal Beach transforms into a party haven on April 17-19.

Music festival just outside of your tent? I’d say spot on!

Lifestyle Network Glamping Presscon

{L-R} Jaycelle of Dollhouse Diary, Cedric Valera & Tikoy Tan – Managing Partners at Travel Factor.

What’s GLAMPING, anyways?

GLAMPING is a portmanteau of glamorous + camping. It is the ultimate fancy upgrade to camping, best suited for adventurers who want to explore the wonders of the beach without compromising comfort and style.

Lifestyle Network Glamping Presscon

Glamping Catalogue by Coleman

With everything already set up in partnership with Coleman, the official provider of GLAMPING tents — festival goers are ensured of a hassle-free holiday at one of the most pristine beaches in Zambales.

Lifestyle Network Glamping Presscon

Spotted: Vern Enciso & Karen Pamintuan.

Looking for the ultimate star treatment? Here’s what to expect during those three fun-filled days:

  • tent complete with an airbed with pillows and linens
  • GLAMPING essentials kit
  • butler service
  • 24-hour electricity
  • daily hearty breakfast
  • great beats
  • awesome outdoor activities

… and plenty more exciting treats aside!

Lifestyle Network Glamping Presscon

Glamorous, vibrant camping set-up by Coleman.

This year, the Summer Siren Festival is bigger and better with activities like yoga, beginner-friendly workout session with CrossFit Alpha Strike, poi, hula hooping, hand-drumming, and cool music fit for the season brought by the finest artists in the country such as Sandwich, Pedicab, Ace Ramos, Travis Monsod, Imago, Moonstar 88, March Marasigan, Deuce Manila, Brisom, The Ransom Collective, Cheats, and a whole lot more.

Lifestyle Network Glamping Presscon

Promo Alert!!!

Aspiring festival goers also have the chance to win Lifestyle Network’s viewer promo where one winner and three of her friends can get to experience GLAMPING for FREE! Tune into Lifestyle Network to know more about the contest rules.

Conquer Zambales this sunny season at the Summer Siren Festival with Lifestyle Network’s GLAMPING event and book your trip with Travel Factor.

Lifestyle Network Glamping Presscon

View from Vask Modern Tapas.

For updates, visit the Lifestyle Network’s official Facebook and for more details, visit Lifestyle Network, Summer Siren Festival and Travel Factor.


Lifestyle Network — producers of the most unique and exciting summer events.

Travel Factor — leading adventure company in the Philippines present Summer Siren Festival.

Summer Siren Festival — BEACH | PLAY | PARTY.

Coleman — a long trusted U.S. brand in outdoor recreational products that offers luxurious tent accommodations that let you enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style.


Photos were taken at Lifestyle Network and Travel Factor’s Glamping Presscon held last Tuesday, March 3, at Vask Modern Tapas in BGC.

Perks of Online Shopping

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Zalora Turns 3
When I was younger yet old enough to go shopping, I would go to my old favorite mall with my mom. I have this weird system wherein I’ll just scour the rack, look on the clothes, pick the color I want, choose my size and straight away to the cashier. I’m not the type to fit in the clothes before the purchase. Surprisingly when I get home, I almost always love how they fit.

I also used to limit myself with high-end brandsof clothing and accessories but a friend of mine introduced me to the idea of embracing a whole lot about fashion and style and looking past the brand tags.

Zalora Prom Season

Fast forward to 3 years ago (2012), I was introduced to “online shopping”. I was hesitant at first because of the many circulating news about online scams and the like. Luckily, I got to know about

ZALORA, is your one stop online destination for everything fashion in the Philippines. Bringing you an insight on global trends, we feature your favorite international designers and the most relevant Filipino brands.
Putting my hesitations aside and giving into that cute dress, I went ahead and made my first online purchase! After I received my first ever package — there was no turning back. Online shopping at Zalora was like an answered prayer!

Aside from knowing that they are in fact a legit company, there are many perks and benefits in shopping from them — which made me love them even more!

Zalora Summer Season

Perks of Online Shopping at Zalora

  1. Easy navigation and intuitive operation
    Zalora online store is extremely well laid out making it very easy to use. During your first visit, you are guided through the shop step by step to complete your purchase with ease. As you come back you will see how your experience becomes more and more personalized.
  2. Simple and safe shopping
    Once the desired items are in the cart, you can choose between the broadest ranges of secure payment options. Payment can be simply made by cash on delivery, direct debit, over the counter, credit card and PayPal. After a successful order, you are informed about the current status of your order. You will then receive a tracking number with which you can follow up your order until delivery.
  3. Qualify for Free Delivery
    Customers can qualify for FREE SHIPPING of orders from Php1000 and up NATIONWIDE. All orders below this amount have a delivery charge of only Php100.
  4. Free Returns
    Shoes and clothing sizes will always vary – for example, a shoe might not fit. Zalora accepts returns within 30 days after you receive your goods.
  5. Comprehensive and personal service
    Every time you have any question you can reach Zalora’s customer service experts via email. Don’t forget that the objective is to offer you an effortless online shopping experience.
  6. Unparalleled Product Range
    On Zalora, you will find the biggest international brands as well as the most relevant Filipino products.
    Sign up for Zalora newsletter, join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep updated on all the latest finds, hottest looks and newest trends.
  8. Score a 15% voucher code TODAY!
    Just use ZBAPkjP in the “Promo Code” box before checkout!

Workout your Curves

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Going inside Curves BGC

Going inside Curves BGC

I’ve tried circuit training at a different gym / sports house before and I felt that my head was spinning and that my heart would jump out of my ribs! Yes, that exaggerated. When I read that it is going to be part of LayBare’s blogger’s activity, initially I thought I’d like to skip.

Locker key, free ball pen, fitness assessment form and body fat analyzer

Locker key, free ball pen, fitness assessment form and body fat analyzer

On the morning of the event though, something tells me that I have got to go… and so I did. Boy was I glad I did! We first did a fitness assessment to identify where you are at your goal and how to achieve it by proper diet and exercise.

Having my body fat analysis

Having my body fat analysis

Our body measurements and body fat were taken, then we are all ready to start the workout. Their gym is female-friendly — there are no posters of buff body, just inspirational words to look at and live by. Do you want to know exactly what the Curves circuit is like?

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