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Cubao X

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hooray! i finally have the photos of Cubao X from my B from our little date.

galleries, cafes, vintage stores, antique shops, bookshops, shoe shops, old salon, Italian restaurant and other quirky stores surround this little complex. when you’re inside it feels as if you’re in a different world, a different time, away from the hustle and bustle of the metro (although it’s situated inside Cubao, Q.C.).

Cubao X
Cubao X
MBS, Cubao X{ MBS }

Karma, Cubao X{ K.A.R.M.A }

Cubao X{ Life is a party }

Cubao X{ Life is a party, Heima }

Cubao XCubao X

Bellini's, Cubao X{ Bellini’s Italian Restaurant }

Cubao X
Green Halo, Cubao X{ Green Halo }

Art 19B, Cubao X{ Art 19B }

Pablo, Cubao X{ Pablo }

Thrift House Angel Spirits, Cubao Xfor more photos, please visit here.

Photos by Brian Sahagun.

do you have any discoveries in Cubao X that you want to share? send them in. i’d love to know more about this nice place.

hope you’re enjoying your Halloween weekend! *we’re watching lots of American Horror Story down here and it freaks me out ALOT!*

life’s a beach!

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Coron, Palawan{ 2008 Photo taken in Coron, Palawan by Brian Sahagun }

hello hello! i’ve been in a little hiatus for awhile due to a crazy busy work week. and tonight we are headed off to Visayas for some much needed R & R with good friends and happy people. *refreshing!* as i speak, we are finishing up packing stuff and i could really use some sleep. but, i can’t complain… in no time i’ll be resting my stress away and i just can’t wait!

shades – check, sunblock – check, swimsuit – check and Mitch Albom book – double check! just some of my beach must-haves…

Hotel Vida, Clark{ 2010 Photo taken in Hotel Vida, Clark }

reminiscing and just looking at our old travel photos all the more makes me excited for our trip! *hoping there’s no Quiel or Ramon to ruin our trip* *grin*

i’ll leave you with kisses for the moment… i’ll be right back with more photos to share… soon!


A day trip in Island Cove

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IMG_6305{ My favorite season is here! Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park lobby area }

IMG_6339{ Christmas Dollhouse, how cute! }

Tita Vi (my B’s mom) tagged us along when she visited her friends from France who are staying in Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park. The French family was warm, kind, generous and shared some goodies with us. Mon Chéri, anyone?

Tita Rose and Tito Alain even taught us some French words! Since then, my B and I tried our tongue speaking a little of this interesting language. C’est gentil!

IMG_6297{ Mon Chéri }

IMG_6299{ Bonne Maman means good mother. This bread is delicious! }

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Walk in the Park

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One weekend spent in another city is equivalent to multiple treasured memories.

IMG_6192{ new ferry dock in Cavite }

IMG_6185{ like mother, like son }

IMG_6132{ you are red, i am green }

IMG_6125{ hazy daisy }

IMG_6042{ laughter really is the best medicine. }

IMG_6096{ me }

IMG_6113{ you }

A little photowalk in Samonte Park, Cavite on a Saturday afternoon. Let’s see if all ingredients for a fun afternoon are present.
Laughter – check. Fun – check. Happy times – check. Good memories – check. Tons of pictures – check. Check check check. Yippee!!!

I had so much fun with Brian and Tita Vi. Thank you so much you guys! *smiles*

Walk in the Park Album