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The Happy List: January

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Team RainPlay all mushy on new year's eve <3
Team RainPlay all mushy on new year’s eve where we talked about our goals and dreams for 2018 <3

Developing an “attitude of gratitude” is one of the simplest ways to improve your satisfaction with life.

Time and again, I’ve experienced and known the benefits of gratitude and documenting what I’m grateful for on my “gratitude journal”, not just on Thanksgiving or on birthdays nor just on Christmas days. And yet, I don’t practice reflecting on what I should be grateful for and actually keeping a “gratitude journal”. Another one of our many resolutions this 2018 is to reflect daily at the end of every night and just soak it all in — the lessons, the blessings, and the in-betweens — being grateful for everything.

To remind me of the benefits of gratitude I have read this article from, and to kick this off I am sharing my “The Happy List” for January.

My most favorite scientifically proven benefit of writing a gratitude journal is improved sleep. Just by spending 15 minutes jotting down a few grateful feeling before bed may make you sleep better and longer. (And I sooo need this because duh, I’m still breastfeeding my toddler boy to sleep! My mind is so awake thinking of the things I could’ve finished for the day, etc.)

November Beginnings

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Christmas Toy Soldier
Christmas Toy Soldier

There’s always something special at the beginning of a month, much more so if you are an avid fan of the ber months like me. Due to my hectic lifestyle and some annoying pregnancy symptoms, I was not able to “celebrate” the arrival of September. Even then, I am determined to welcome my most favorite month of all, November.

A lot of occasions are in store for us starting this month onwards.

My November Affairs

2nd year wedding anniversary. I could not believe it’s already been 2 years! All of our milestones happened during November in the past years — 2012: Husband proposed to me on my birthday; 2013: We tied knot; 2014: We celebrated our first year wedding anniversary; and this 2015: I might give birth to our firstborn. *my heart melts*

1st public speaking engagement. I was recently invited by a huge hospital to talk about “positively embracing pregnancy”. The doctor who organizes these events for moms saw my blog articles documenting my pregnancy journey and said she got inspired. I am beyond nervous and ecstatic! I need to focus on creating my talk outline to ensure that I only share the best tips or lessons I gathered for the past 8 months of pregnancy!

Thanksgiving birthday. I am not the type to throw a birthday party for myself, but this year is an exception. It’s still not going to be a big party, but I am planning for an intimate gathering of families and friends whom I am thankful for.

Baby shower or welcome baby shower (if baby’s already born in this world!), which will coincide with my Thanksgiving birthday! We are planning a special little shower for our baby in the company of both our families and closest friends.

With that said, I cannot hide my excitement!!! I have been Pinterest-ing for the past couple of days and it’s time to try and make my vision a reality. *hopeful smiles*



Feel The Love

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“Sometimes a hug is worth more than a thousand words.”

Manic Monday reflection – what makes you feel loved?

At first, the posted question sounded easy, and I knew it would be easy for me to answer. Although as I pondered my answer through it, there are just too many levels, ways and people that make me feel loved.

But then there is this one person who emerges in my thoughts, and to whom I am extremely grateful for making me feel most loved, my husband. Ever since we were boyfriends-girlfriends, I appreciate how much he is attuned with my needs — as a woman, as a person, and as his partner. He understands my need for his full attention to the present; my need for an embrace in replacement of more word battle; my need for an open communication line and my need for little dates from time to time.