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Happy List: Hello BER months!!!

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1. 1st September is the first day of my favorite quarter of the year!!!
2. Realization: I miss blogging — so I’m back (again!)
3. Tita Vi’s Seafood Gata and the fact that I now know how to eat crabs efficiently on my own *wink*
4. A little date at Old Swiss Inn
5. A box of beauty-happiness from L’Occitane
6. Chanel makeover
7. The gift of health
8. THE moment when we “rehearsed” our “vows” during one of the many marriage seminars, looking at each other’s eye felt like we touched each other’s souls and we both got teary-eyed! *true story*

Happy September 1st, everyone!!!

Happy List: Rediscover

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Happy List

1. Inspiration to rediscover my love for creating something beautiful
2. Handmade fashion accessories
3. Lace, gold and pearls
4. Soft launch of Swoon: Collections by Jaycelle in RainPlay Boutique
5. Sharing personal stories over a meal
6. Stress-free and hassle-free passport renewal. Woohoo!
7. Making new contacts that can lead to meaningful friendships
8. Confessed admiration and help from my B in putting together Swoon Collections’s wonderful logo
9. Family bonding
10. Happy thoughts of summer (though it’s slowly slipping off our radar…)

What’s currently on your happy list?

Happy List: Cafe and Sweets

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Cafe & Sweets picnic bag and ice pop maker ^_^{ Cafe & Sweets picnic bag }

Jaycelle’s Happy List

  1. this pretty picnic bag. *swoon*
  2. working out first thing in the morning. energizing!
  3. Tender Juicy hotdog, egg and rice breakfast meal for lunch. classic favorite.
  4. Sentro 1771 birthday dinner for Tita Vi. nice chit chat.
  5. delicious corned beef sinigang. i want more!
  6. navy stripes umbrella. can’t wait to use it at the beach.
  7. courage to ask for extra days off at work. awaiting for much-anticipated fabulous vacation, yey!
  8. celebrating mom’s birthday with closest family. love.
  9. running through my closet and finding lovely pieces that does not fit me anymore and giving them to my cousins as hand-me-downs. even better that they love it!
  10. deal with my B about consistent blogging and getting a ‘surpirise’ gift