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The Happy List: 8 months in the making

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Hello hello! Happy Sunday! It’s Sunday night but it doesn’t feel as if I only have few more hours left before sleeping to prepare for tomorrow’s work day (thank goodness!). Thanks to the looong weekend to give way to our National Heroes’ Day and Eid ul-Fitr. I love holidays!

I miss writing and sharing my Happy List with you and today I feel glad to be able to share this with you (after 8 months hehe). We visited mom yesterday and had lunch eating my favorite mom’s kare-kare and B’s request – Pinakbet. And today, we visited Tita Vilma here at the White House, attended Chylle Louella’s christening and for B to start with his Ukay Halukay project. *grin*

…now onto my Happy List…

Amour-Propre{ My friend Clang’s tattoo }

Lulu’s Happy List

1. happy looong weekend!
2. sisterettes Millie & Clangkers
3. non-stop laughter with friends
4. visiting home surplus shops
5. surprising B and being surprised by my B
6. handcrafted tape measure camera neck strap by my B
7. when B and I do strategic planning + creative thinking + productive ventures
8. family luncheons + mom’s cooking
9. being part of life’s celebrations
10. buying gift for myself. self love is cool

The Happy List: Happiness Abound

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Lulu’s Happy List

  1. when my B sings “how bizarre” with that distinct voice!
  2. birthday perks and shopping shopping plus more shopping
  3. watching videos when we rocked & sung at Red Box. Hilarious!
  4. letting a good ‘hormonal’ cry
  5. tomato sausage from Breadtalk is pastry love
  6. my B’s talent in pulling off a surprise, brilliantly!
  7. birthday picnics is too wonderful for words
  8. hosting a bingo game for our little family
  9. lots of gifts & surprises!
  10. trying out Bikram Yoga with girlfriends

The Happy List: The Long and Short of It 3/3

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Lulu’s Happy List

  1. “me” time = QP time (McDo Quarter Pounder) plus shopping
  2. B’s spoof: “I just thanked you 5 times, but I can’t thank you enough! Thanks thanks.
  3. my B started sharing and dedicating songs just like in 2007 when I first fell in love with him *mushy* I know 😛
  4. a friend bought me a Forever 21 bag as a birthday gift
  5. discovering Groupon sites and buying my first deal ever
  6. soothing foot spa and pedicure
  7. it’s magic when my B can as if read my mind *blush*
  8. celebrating love month
  9. watching dancing fountain
  10. singing our lungs out at Red Box

Thank you so much for reading!

If you want to share your own Happy List here on Dollhouse Diary, kindly email me here. I’d love to hear from you, dolls!

The Happy List: The Long and Short of It 2/3

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IMG_5681Lulu’s Happy List

  1. food trip with my B
  2. finally watched The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
  3. Canon PhotoMarathon experience
  4. getting free F&H one-piece swimsuit and lots of other freebies
  5. carousel ride
  6. Araneta Center’s lighting of Christmas Tree *magical*
  7. Yes Man movie
  8. day at the park with my B and Tita Vi
  9. part of the party planner, Dora-theme for Jajie
  10. meeting new French friends

There’s more to come! So please visit here again soon.

Care to share what’s making you blush and happy?

The Happy List: The Long and Short of It 1/3

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Happy Monday holiday! I’ll start the week right by sharing my gratitude / happy list from the past days or probably even weeks. *grin*

A special shoutout to all of you who took time to send in those cute little birthday greetings and love notes. Thank you very much, guys! I had a blast celebrating my birthday. *cheers*

And here goes my long over-due Happy List.

Lulu’s Happy List

  1. when relatives visit at home
  2. playing with my nephew, Johann
  3. when my B appreciated what I prepared for him — BLT salad and Bologna sandwich
  4. discovering Echo Store
  5. B’s sweet treats: Dulcinea’s Chocolate Croissant and Crepes & Cream’s Mango Cheesecake
  6. pre-Halloween hang out with ST (Samahang Tunay *grins*)
  7. Margarita
  8. paying respect to dad and our loved ones who are now in heaven
  9. dinner at iBagnet
  10. mom’s face when I give her pasalubong

This is the 1st of three parts of my long Happy List that I love to share with you. Hope everyday is a happy blessing to you and to all.