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The Happy List: Zombadings

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Zombadings Movie PosterLulu’s Happy List

  1. TJ hotdog stand on my way to work
  2. having my very own juice jars for our soon-to-be-launched RainPlay Events Concept
  3. not totally fainting in the train station
  4. Northpark dinner with my B
  5. mirror mirror games with friends
  6. rediscovering delicious World Chicken
  7. impromptu movie date
  8. Zombadings movie is the funniest I’ve seen this year
  9. free Chowking lunch c/o BPI’s promo *hehe*
  10. finding a gift I bought for myself months ago *talk about treasure hunt*

The Happy List: blue-green-red

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Andrea'sPancitMalabon{ Andrea’s Pancit Malabon in Cavite City }

Lulu’s Happy List

1. joy ride + snacky time at Andrea’s Pancit Malabon (thanks for the treat Tita Vi!) + Ube Inipit (pastry love)
2. my little corner in the office
3. roof deck cafeteria
4. free spa package (hair spa, dead sea salt body scrub & full body massage) at Bejewelled Spa c/o CashCash Pinoy
5. discovering Korean ice cream is love
6. lazy Saturday at home
7. blue-green-red ensemble
8. being part of the Blogapalooza community
9. McDo Oreo McFlurry + french fries
10. play date at the park with baby Jajie and Ninong Pogi

The Happy List: 8 months in the making

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Hello hello! Happy Sunday! It’s Sunday night but it doesn’t feel as if I only have few more hours left before sleeping to prepare for tomorrow’s work day (thank goodness!). Thanks to the looong weekend to give way to our National Heroes’ Day and Eid ul-Fitr. I love holidays!

I miss writing and sharing my Happy List with you and today I feel glad to be able to share this with you (after 8 months hehe). We visited mom yesterday and had lunch eating my favorite mom’s kare-kare and B’s request – Pinakbet. And today, we visited Tita Vilma here at the White House, attended Chylle Louella’s christening and for B to start with his Ukay Halukay project. *grin*

…now onto my Happy List…

Amour-Propre{ My friend Clang’s tattoo }

Lulu’s Happy List

1. happy looong weekend!
2. sisterettes Millie & Clangkers
3. non-stop laughter with friends
4. visiting home surplus shops
5. surprising B and being surprised by my B
6. handcrafted tape measure camera neck strap by my B
7. when B and I do strategic planning + creative thinking + productive ventures
8. family luncheons + mom’s cooking
9. being part of life’s celebrations
10. buying gift for myself. self love is cool