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Step Forward

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IMG_4361_dpp_1200Outtake from our January postcard

Hello, everyone! As you have noticed, I have been out for a month now. I resisted the urge to blog anything while we are updating the blog’s design. Did you like it? This is still a work in progress, and there are still a couple of changes we are going to implement. So far I am loving the clean layout and the huge photos! Finally, the redesigning of this blog that I have mentioned far too many times in the past is now happening, and I couldn’t be more grateful and excited.

This updating of design is a symbolic act that calls for change.

In the five years I have been blogging, I have to admit that I haven’t stepped up as much as I’d hoped for. This year I am aspiring to work on the best version of myself. My journey towards that goal is what I want to share and what I want to reflect on my blog.

It was a tough battle for me to decide on what’s going to be my focus and this too is a work in progress. I, however, was able to resolve it with myself that I would still write about my usual favorite topics, only better and streamlined.

This blog aspire to inspire myself to step up and create the life I love to live, and in the process I hope to inspire you too.

THANK YOU International Red for developing this new theme and realizing my dream visuals to reality!

Photos by: Brian Sahagun

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Hooray Thursday: New Year’s Resolution 2014

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 Project Couple Selfie _ Day1{ Project 365: Couple Selfie, Day 1 }

New Year’s Resolution 2014

1) Project365 – couple selfie a day

2) Cook new recipe, twice a month

3) Date night, once a week

4) Create postcards, once a month

5) Write love letters, once a week

6) Visit our moms, once or twice a month

7) Take on a creative project (e.g. movie posters), once a month

8) Print photos for frames, twice a month

9) Sleep early, get up early

10) Exercise and be fit

Do you believe in having a New Year’s Resolution? What’s yours?

Happy New Year!!!

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New Year 2014Welcome, 2014!

2013 was such an amazing year – most especially because I married my darling B. That was the highlight of our year. It still feels like a whirlwind event though.

2013 in general, felt like a whirlwind year. 24 hours a day don’t seem enough to do everything that I needed and wanted to do. Good news is, it’s the New Year! It’s our new chance to pursue and achieve our goals. More time to pursue our dreams and to dream some more.

Since we are now a married couple, the family holiday parties and celebrations that we have to attend to multiplied:

Christmas dinner with my family.
Christmas Eve celebration with B’s dad’s side of the family.
Christmas morning celebration with B’s mom’s side of the family.

The “new” Christmas holiday schedule sat with me well, soon enough. However, it’s a different story for the New Year’s celebration:

New Year’s Eve and the morning after celebration with B’s family.
January 1 dinner with my family.

I didn’t get to execute most of our NYE traditions (carrying coins in our pockets, eating grapes, sipping mom’s hot chocolate, etc.) courtesy of my mom, and I was off-balanced. Maybe it has something to do with me missing my mom while watching beautiful fireworks in the sky. It’s surprising how it felt mundane years and years before when it was just me, my mom and my brother — doing the same old traditions, preparing and eating the same traditional holiday menu, but now it felt like it means the whole world to me. Family is everything.

The best part of this NYE’s celebration though is that I celebrated it in person with my now husband! No more greetings over the phone and wishing-hoping-praying that I get to be with him soon. And this year is just the beginning of the many years we will be celebrating together. (Oh, happy thoughts!)

Hence, I got the idea to create our very own little traditions that I will share with my B and our future little family. This New Year is full of hope – and that is more than enough to start off this year with wide eyes and huge smile on my face.

2013 even though amazing, was also a tough year for most of us, but we survived it.

Here’s wishing for a happier, healthier, wealthier, sweeter 2014 for all of us! Cheers!!!

How was your holiday happenings overall?



Hooray Thursday: Ways to Get in the Holiday Spirit

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We absolutely love the holidays and we can’t wait to start celebrating. Here are some activities to launch you into the yuletide spirit. Gather up your loved ones and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!

Write Holiday Cards

For friends and family you won’t be able to spend time with this holiday, don’t rely on e-cards on sending your holiday greetings. Taking time to write a hand-written note will go a long way to show you care.
writing-holiday-cardsPhoto credit

Create Handmade Gifts

If you’ve got time in your hands and you’re feeling crafty, why not make handmade gifts this year? The recipient will be oh so touched with the thought that it is a labor of love.
handmade-giftPhoto credit

Visit Paskuhan Village

… or other Christmas-themed park, grab some home-baked goodies and drive to your neighborhood or city known for its fabulous Christmas decors. The dazzling decors will surely put you in the yuletide spirit.
meralco_christmas_decorPhoto credit

Bake Some Goodies

Aside from the wonderful smell of cookies warming in the oven, you can also decorate using holiday-themed cutters and colors. It’s super festive to serve different Christmas-themed baked goodies.
christmas-cookiesPhoto credit

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Hooray Thursday: Big Birthday

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Part 2 of my Hooray Thursday: Big Birthday Wish List!

{ convert the little space beside our apt into a backyard garden }

{ home entertaining. backyard dining. }

{ enjoy creating and watching more home videos }

{ healthy, relaxing & creative lifestyle }

{ lots of city escape!!! }

More of my birthday wishes are for the family we are building. And sharing them with you as an inspiration already feels like it is going to become a reality pretty soon.

Part one of my birthday celebration was spent with family over Italian dinner, drinking wine, lots of laughter and photo ops. Part two is happening this weekend on our little city escape. I will share them both with you next week! xo

Thank you so much for all the birthday greetings!!!

Much love, Jaycelle xoxo