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PhotoBlog: T House Tagaytay

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When Holy Week was fast approaching, I kind of felt pressured and panicked that we didn’t have anything planned for that long weekend. I remembered exactly how I used to spend my Holy Week with my family — watching 7th Heaven marathon in bed or squishing ourselves to fit in the couch, or crying over the religious movies that are really meant to make you reflect on the life you are living. Not to mention following the popular Pinoy traditions that my mom follows — hanging Palm Sunday palaspas on the door, fasting and abstinence from meat and lavish meals, not showering on Good Friday, visiting a number of churches or Visita Iglesia, doing Stations of the cross, watching Senakulo and witnessing the Salubong ritual.

Tranquil Tagaytay

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Tagaytay is dear to our hearts in many ways than one. We’ve been here countless times during boyfriend-girlfriend stage, and we even got married here!

It’s like a luxe yet easy escape to go to when you need a quick breather away from the heat of the city.

Vila Clothing cardigan; pink tutu; Scarlet sandals (as seen here)

Last Holy Week we’ve planned to get away even just for a day or two. We thought of other places but ended up deciding to drive here which is relatively close from Manila. Ideally on a fine day, I enjoy the sight of fresh flowers blooming, offering a vibrant sight to behold. Here’s sharing the beautiful blooms that greeted us in this cool climate escape.

Playing Tourist in the City Round 2

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As promised here, here are more photos from our city getaway, this time it’s from my B‘s cameras. Let me share our precious and crazy bonding moments here…

{ my pretty bag from Vietnam }
Edsa Shangri-La view from the top
B and J portrait
Our note to express our love for this hotel
{ Our new-old tradition… jumping in bed! }
{ … in his case, tumbling! }


This is how we bond! Haha


Day 2

{ getting ready by the poolside… }
{ …and this is the retro concept shoot i was telling you about }

To see more of our crazy photos, view here

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Photos by: Brian Sahagun