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A little field trip to Aguinaldo Shrine

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one of our little plans has been cross out off the list — to have a little field trip at Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit, Cavite. B and I had our very first visit to the place probably when we were in grade school as part of our educational field trip. Lately we yearn to re-visit this historical place.

{ Sinigang na hipon }

{ Pork Afritada }

Needless to say, we had a sumptuous lunch at the white house prepared by Tita Vilma before making our way to the shrine. Thanks for this delicious lunch, Tita! *burp*

Shortly after lunch, my B drove to Aguinaldo Shrine and our little journey to the past began the minute we entered the mansion.

More than just being the location where the Philippine Independence Declaration was first read, this mansion reflected a distinctive period in history. Its structure — with its secret passages, hidden compartments and camouflaged shelves showed how the revolutionary dedication encompass even the comfort and sanctity of Filipino homes at the turn of the century.

The shrine is the ancestral home of Emilio Aguinaldo, the first president of the First Republic of the Philippines, and it was here that Philippine independence from Spain was proclaimed from a window of the home on June 12, 1898 and was declared a national shrine in June 1964 shortly after the death of General Emilio Aguinaldo.

Since then, it has become a museum and right now, we are touring the place with you. Enjoy!

{ one of the mansion’s secret passages }

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Hotel Vida, The Home of Widus Vacation Club Part 2 of 2

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June 27, 2010 Sunday

Morning time. I had the most peaceful, sweetest sleep in days. Now it’s time to indulge in the buffet breakfast included in our package. Sweet!

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Hotel Vida, The Home of Widus Vacation Club Part 1 of 2

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Brian was invited to be the photographer for his friend’s mom’s 60th birthday in Pampanga for June 27th. Since it’s on the weekend, it’s more likely that I will be with him. We planned to go there a day earlier and have our post-monthly celebration. A hotel accommodation is a must since the main event falls on a Sunday. I barely knew any hotel in the area aside from the old villas for rent and old hotels.

Lucky enough while I was googling, I found a new hotel and vacation club right smack in the middle of Clark Freeport Zone.

June 26, 2010 Saturday

Brian and I can probably join the next Amazing Race challenge since we’ve been practicing rushing and turbo-ing (our own lil term) each and every time we will go out. We love it like that. Kidding! We are just two slow-moving creatures and always rushing to make our way to whatever event on time (or at least we try to but mostly we are late). Just like today. We planned to hop on the bus for their 11am schedule but we needed to grab some stuff in the groceries first.

One of the bus lines that goes to Pampanga daily is Partas Bus Lines. After picking up some stuff, we went to their Aurora, Cubao terminal and got the 11:30am schedule. Phew! That was a lot of rushing this early morning. I told you we can totally join the Amazing Race!Show Content ofHotel Vida, The Home of Widus Vacation Club Part 1 of 2 /Read More