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I love the romantic, sensuous feel of yellow lights. The little bulbs that flicker like the stars in the night. The peaceful, calming effects it creates — truly just what I needed every night.


Sharing you a glimpse of my sanctuary. My refuge. When things don’t go my way, when plans didn’t happen as planned, when people are rowdy and tough as Biff — I just have to enter my fortress, lift a page of a book or turn on the tube. This is one of my happy places. *smiles*

There are more details I want to incorporate and I am looking forward to accomplishing it soon for a more relaxing and enjoyable stay in my room. *wink*

How is Tuesday treating you?

“Cherish your solitude. Take trains by yourself to places you have never been. Sleep out alone under the stars. Learn how to drive a stick shift. Go so far away that you stop being afraid of not coming back. Say no when you don’t want to do something. Say yes if your instincts are strong, even if everyone around you disagrees. Decide whether you want to be liked or admired. Decide if fitting in is more important than finding out what you’re doing here. Believe in kissing.”
by Eve Ensler


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