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Chikka Media Launch Event

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“Where there are Filipinos there’s Chikka!”

I was at Chikka HQ last August 17, as we countdown the release of Chikka’s latest version.

I got in there early since it’s close to my office. I was the second to arrive among the pool of magazine writers and bloggers. I don’t know anybody from this event and I am so glad that Brian works there (one major reason why I wanted to attend to this event. *Teehee*). Though employees shouldn’t be mingling with us, the guests, he bravely sneaked out and accompanied me. First stop, the buffet table. Food was catered by Josiah’s Catering.

B and I checked out their desserts and salads first.

{ Banana tart, I think.. }

{ Love their fruit crepes, too bad we only got one to share. And, B gave me truffles. *sweet* }

{ potato salad }

{ green salad }

{ That’s me! Felt like it was my first day of school. Good thing my pasaway ‘classmate’ was there to accompany me. Ha ha. }

{ Beef Baked Lasagna. B didn’t like it that much but I think it tasted good. }

{ I think they call this buttered vegetables.. }

{ Pork Tenderloin Strips w/ Oriental Sauce. We both liked this. }

{ Braised Ox Tongue in Red Wine & Mushrooms }

I wonder why there’s no photo for Braised Ox Tongue in Red Wine & Mushrooms, this is my ultimate fave dish that night. Tender and tasteful.

{ Pan-seared Sole Fish w/ crispy garlic & lemon butter sauce. Too salty for my taste. }

An hour later after filling our tummy, we’re all set to go to the media event for the release of Chikka’s latest version. The host started to call us in to their vibrant and orange-y conference room.

I think there were three to four tables in there, with complete set-up of desktop PC and laptops.Our host for the night, humorous and witty, Gabe Mercado welcomed us all and made an introduction. I got at ease sitting there with a room full of strangers/potential web friends because Gabe was just normally funny.

Chikka’s CEO, Chito Bustamante and their Chief Imagination Officer, Dennis Mendiola talked about the humble beginnings of Chikka. (More focused entry on this on my next post.)

And, an event would not be complete without… games! Of course that includes the exciting prizes that await the lucky participants for each game. They picked guests to participate in the first game. They were divided into four groups with three team members.

{ Two of the four teams who played in this game. }

Each team were given their assigned mobile phones to send their answers as text to Gabe’s trivia questions.

It was a tie for two teams and they all got a t-shirt as a prize. Sweet! Just observing and watching them was fun. (This was the time when B was back from ‘work’ and is now taking pictures of the happenings in this event.)

“If you had a chance to text your favorite celebs, what would you say?”

Interacting with guests celebrities, Dimples Romana and Melissa Ricks.

Look, we have another game? With the major prize!

{ Gabe ‘thinking’ what prize to give next! You guessed it, IPAD!! }

This was not a prize for a game. In fact, this was given to the lucky guest who just attended the event. How cool is that?

{ Doing their ‘electronic’ raffle draw to win this cool IPAD. }

I got a different feeling thinking it was me who won. But, it’s just out of excitement. Ha!

And the lucky winner is…

{ IPAD’s winner, Raffy. Congratulations!! Very lucky! }

More photos from the event:

{ Photo op with Mr. Gabe Mercado }

Thanks B for the photos! *smiles*

{ Photo op with Mr. Geiser, himself! }

While I was there I met two lovely ladies..

{ With Cher from Orange Magazine }

{ With Cathy from GeiserMaclang — thanks for the invite! }

This concludes Chikka’s fun and exciting event to count down the release of their latest version on August 25 at 12 midnight! So don’t be left behind. Be a part of the launching of the most preferred communications tool of overseas Filipinos across the globe — Chikka!

{ Mirror shot at Anson’s ground floor }

Thanks to Brian Sahagun for the photos. As always, thanks much! 😀

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