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Chikka Text Messenger

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A lot of Filipinos working overseas are familiar with the effort one makes to sustain relationships with their loved ones separated by great distance, thus the increase in demand for a more convenient way to keep in touch with families and friends.

Luckily, certain technological advancements such as Chikka Text Messenger have enabled people to bridge that gap.

Pioneered the creation of the Chikka Text Messenger, Chikka Asia, Inc. is a wireless application service provider, better known for creating the world’s first instant messenger to fully integrate mobile features via SMS, the “Chikka Text Messenger.” Pronounced as it is spelled, Chikka ’CHI-ka or chika is a Filipino colloquial term for ‘small talk.’ As a verb, it translates to mingling easily, or doing anything with ease or in a clever manner. According to the company, ‘small talk’ in fact refers to the nature of many text and chat messages exchanged throughout online and mobile communities worldwide.

Chikka’s breakthrough had been in integrating IM technology seamlessly with SMS, and then building a back-end that would withstand its use in the world’s ‘text capital’ – The Philippines.

2010: Chikka for the new digital generation

Ten years later, Chikka has served over 68 million people who had registered online and via mobile to enjoy the way Chikka had united online Filipinos with the sea of SMS users. The company is also releasing the latest version of Chikka Text Messenger.

The company’s services are currently available to over 45 mobile carriers in fourteen countries including the Philippines, US, UK, Italy, Spain, India, Japan, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

Chikka is still the best way to send free SMS to mobile phones from your computer.

Message all your IM buddies and all your mobile contacts in the all-new Chikka Text Messenger.

Now, one log-in is all it takes. Gather your buddies from other networks in your Chikka buddy list and send them messages straight from your browser, as always, for free. You can send SMS to mobile phones around the world when you load up your Chikka Wallet. Texting ‘hello ü’ to the world is now much more convenient and lighter on your pocket.

Chikka Messenger is the world’s first PC-to-mobile instant messaging application, combining the cost-effectiveness of the Internet and the universality of text messaging, allowing users send free SMS messages to buddies. Users who register their mobile numbers can also receive messages on their phones whenever offline. Other features include the following:

  • Free text messaging in supported countries: Philippines, US, UK, India, Spain, Italy,   Hong Kong, Indonesia, Guam and Saipan.
  • MMS messaging
  • Interoperability with Google Talk
  • Airtime credits delivery to mobile phones
  • 320-character messaging
  • Mobile forwarding when signed out of Chikka

Chikka Messenger for the Web
Chikka Messenger for the Web is a web application of the Chikka Messenger client currently in Beta release. This web-based version of the Chikka Messenger is interoperable with Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, AOL Messenger and ICQ.

“Chikka is more relevant than ever. We observe for example that a lot of casual messaging previously exchanged via text has shifted to the social networks. Our latest version is being released, combining the cool convenience of sending an IM message when one is on-line with the personal warmth, immediacy even urgency of receiving a message as text, instantly read on phones,” said Chikka Founder and Chief Imagination Officer, Dennis Mendiola, pictured above.

In this photo: Chikka Founder and Chief Imagination Officer, Dennis Mendiola and Chikka Chief Executive Officer, Chito Bustamante.

What’s Next for Chikka Mobile

According to Dennis Mendiola, the Chief Imagination Officer of Chikka, much of the work that went into the “new Chikka” actually happened in the back-end with a major re-architecture.

This allows the company to pursue a technology roadmap that will very soon enable Chikka for any platform and operating system, for any IM aggregator, and also for any mobile device. A third-party application developer has made the well-known Chikka application available on the iPhone.

Say goodbye to the days where Chikka users had to be limited to their computers to be able to send free text messages to their loved ones. With the Chikka Text Messenger for iPhone, users can now send free SMS from their iPhones anywhere in the world to mobile phones in the Philippines and vice versa.

Non-iPhone users will also have something to look forward to, since Chikka is also set to unveil its application for Blackberry, Android and Symbian devices.

With numerous upcoming applications and services, Chikka will undoubtedly continue to bring families and friends closer for many years to come.

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