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coke can glass craze

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hi everyone! it feels good to be able to write on this blog again and greet you all. it’s been quite a challenge for me to maintain my appearance in my little space here while i also need to focus on some other thing called ‘work’. 😀

so to start, since i’m kind of overwhelmed where to begin, let me share my latest collection craze. early this morning we went back to manila from ‘the white house’ for my B’s conference. i, on the other hand, headed home to be able to do this ‘blogging’ thing and enjoy internet-ing all by myself. yeeha!

i’ve been meaning to collect McDonald’s Coke can glasses but i have given up my notorious love affair with Mc Donald. i thought of sending sms brigade to my friends and asked them to buy me a glass each time they’ll get their fix of quarter pounder.

cokecanglass 1 order of mcdo meal allows you to purchase 1 glass.

with the collection i’m trying to build, that means i need to eat 30x mcdo meals to get 30x cans. that’s a lot of fat!!!

lucky that i thought of going to their Alimall Cubao branch for breakfast and the lady crew said that since they are wrapping up the promo, i can purchase as many as i like. and without any further encouragement, i grabbed for myself 6x of each charcoal and pink glasses.


i saved myself and cholesterol count from 13x quarter pounder meals. and now i’m one happy lady!

i’ll grab myself some more of these later with my B. *insatiable haha*


p.s. photos grabbed from google


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