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2 Comments on Let’s Collaborate!

  1. Hi dear! I am so thrilled to find someone like you. I think you are the one I’m looking for. I didn’t think its possible to find a Wedding Coordinator, Make Up Artist, Emcee and Engagement Stylist in one person. You are all-in-one! Anyway let’s get down to why-am-i-here. Haha! I just simply want to inquire your rates/package. Rates/Package for Wedding Coordination, HMU for wedding day, Emcee (do you really do it all by yourselves? or you have team as well?). And rates/package for Engagement/Prenup shoot Styling with Hair and Make Up. Thanks dear!

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    1. Hello Ms Ej, I sent you an email with the rates and packages you requested.

      Thank you and have a great day! 🙂

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