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Cubao X

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hooray! i finally have the photos of Cubao X from my B from our little date.

galleries, cafes, vintage stores, antique shops, bookshops, shoe shops, old salon, Italian restaurant and other quirky stores surround this little complex. when you’re inside it feels as if you’re in a different world, a different time, away from the hustle and bustle of the metro (although it’s situated inside Cubao, Q.C.).

Cubao X
Cubao X
MBS, Cubao X{ MBS }

Karma, Cubao X{ K.A.R.M.A }

Cubao X{ Life is a party }

Cubao X{ Life is a party, Heima }

Cubao XCubao X

Bellini's, Cubao X{ Bellini’s Italian Restaurant }

Cubao X
Green Halo, Cubao X{ Green Halo }

Art 19B, Cubao X{ Art 19B }

Pablo, Cubao X{ Pablo }

Thrift House Angel Spirits, Cubao Xfor more photos, please visit here.

Photos by Brian Sahagun.

do you have any discoveries in Cubao X that you want to share? send them in. i’d love to know more about this nice place.

hope you’re enjoying your Halloween weekend! *we’re watching lots of American Horror Story down here and it freaks me out ALOT!*

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    Nice Blog, hope to see more of your adventures..

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      Hi Emerson, thanks for stopping by. Hope you keep on visiting my blog. 🙂

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    […] Right after satisfying our creative souls, we realized how hungry we were. Though we ate a burrito and chicken gyro being sold at the fair, that just wouldn’t cut it. And since we are feeling giddy and excited with all the arts we’ve ogled on and all the creative juices that started to flow, where else could we possibly think to go to grab a bite but in Cubao X. See my previous post about this lovely place. […]

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