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Day Bridal MakeUp Look

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I think I have mentioned in Facebook about a week ago that I’m already certified as a professional makeup artist – hooray!!! *Photos of our “graduation” to follow soon. I will share them here with you!*

For our last day, we are free to do or create any makeup look that we please. I chose to do another bridal look for day wedding. Have a looksie!

Briday MakeUp Look for Day Wedding

Model: Jomilyn Tanael

Before Pic: Jomilyn Tanael

After Pic: Jomilyn Tanael

After (Closed eyes)
After Pic: Jomilyn Tanael

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      Hello Tin! Thank you very much. If you or your friends are ever in need of a makeup artist, you know you can contact me. 🙂 Tc in Singapore!

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