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Dining with Uncle Cheffy

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This is NOT Uncle Cheffy. This is my date on my very first dining experience at Uncle Cheffy and my date today on my 4th time here. I’ve never wrote about this place ever, but having dined here for 4 times in 3 branches, I’ve realized I should.

These are our drink of choice while browsing through their menu. Hot calamansi juice has been one of my “healthy” go-to drinks while my B’s choice has almost always been a bottle of cold beer.

Uncle Cheffy's tiuey noodles{ Tiuey Noodles Php140 }

My taste buds have gotten in love with this Asian noodles with beef and asparagus. This bowl is good for one really hungry person, but if you ordered other dish, this is also good for sharing for two. It’s really tasty and filling… and I am craving for this right now as I write this!

Tom yum (sinigang){ Seafood Tom Yang Soup Php120 }

Their version of Pinoy‘s favorite “sinigang” with prawns, clams, mussel, salmon and snapper. My B thoughtfully remembered that I was craving for maasim and I didn’t even thought that they have something on the menu that can satiate my craving. You know that feeling when you just had what you’re craving for? I feel grateful!

Uncle Cheffy's panizza{ Uncle Cheffy Favorites Panizza Php120 }

And this is Uncle Cheffy’s version of Panizza baked on charcoal brick oven with toppings of assorted cheese, herbs and spices.

And the fun part? How-to enjoy Panizza…

How to eat Panizza

Overall, it was a fun, filling and delicious dinner (before heading to our favorite pastime — grocery shopping!). The prices are reasonable for it’s taste and the ambiance is relaxing because I have not encountered a noisy crowd. For those who have overlooked this food place, it’s a must-try!

They have branches in Ortigas, Fort Taguig and Cubao. Check out their Facebook page for more info.

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun

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    What a yummy post, I love it. It’s my first time in your blog and enjoy it so much. May I ask you what kind of font did you use in your Panizza photos.

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      Hello Van! Glad that you enjoyed your time in my blog. 🙂 The font used was Amaticsc – Regular. That’s right, that is not a wrong spelling as it seems. 😀

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