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Each person’s proposal is indeed unique in its own way. My B’s proposal is no exception. Aside from his ways of “presenting” the message, he even gave this little girl the license to do as I please like to commission a jeweler of my choice and to have a say on my engagement ring’s design!!!

He used our photos way back in 2007 until now, each photo embedded with codes and letters to complete the long message. I’m not sure if you can see the last black photo, but that’s where the most important message, or rather question was written. *smiles*

This is the Puzzloid game he created. I had to guess which photo corresponds to the story he is recalling as a way of giving me clues. And I had to pin it in proper order on the board to decode the message.

Message decoded: “Jaycelle Nerissa Apo Playda, I love you with all I am. Happy birthday. Will you marry me?”

After I did, my B knelt down on his one knee, repeats the question, and presented me with an infinity ring. *swoon*

But the fun never stops there! The infinity ring is just a part of my actual engagement ring! He presented this DIY gift certificate which gave me the freedom to decide on the design of my engagement ring! Can you believe?! Totally unique and quirky. *laughs*

He knows I am in love with the power couple – Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. And so, Bella’s ring has been something I’ve been eying on after seeing it from the movies.

Now my search begins for the perfect jeweler who can make me this B.S.’ ring for my own. *daydreaming until it’s in my hands*

 P.s. B.S. now stands for Brian Sahagun. *grin*

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