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East Wing, Edsa Shangri-La

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Edsa Shangri-La Mall is one of my most favorite malls. Less people inside a mall means less stress for me. And I got psyched to know that they’ve expanded!!! They now have East Wing!

We took a leisurely stroll one time after dinner, and below are photos of the soon-to-open stores to excite you! Something new to look forward to on your next trip to the mall. *wink*

“More pleasures await you at the East Wing.”

Lower Ground Level: Everyday Basics

We missed to take photo of the Level 1: Classic Luxury floor.

Mid-Level 2/3: Timeless Indulgence

Level 4: Urban Sophisticate

Inside Geleia

Corazon Hispano Filipino


Haha, apologies for my poor facial expression! Outside Mexx, now in Manila!

Bring the sexy back!

Level 5: Hip & Chic

Level 6: Leisure Haven

I love open spaces!

East Wing Shopping Guide

My Bella ring

Thanks for touring with me!

A big thank you to my B for the awesome stroll in the mall and these photos! Want to see more? View here.

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    Bric’s is actually one of my favorite brands! Its not known by many, but by those who loves Italian brands, this the next big thing. ANd i heard that their prices now are intro mode. So this is something i am excited about!

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      Thanks, Stella! I’m also looking forward to see what Bric’s will be offering it’s Manila shoppers and fanatics. I hope you’re right about their prices on intro mode. 😀

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