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Ho Chai Lai

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Ho Chai Lai

Ho Chai Lai Food ||| Photos by: Brian Sahagun

Sometimes in this independent life we try to live not to mention being a foodie pregnant, I get food cravings here and there that not even my attempt to cook nor my cry for help will alleviate. Living in a small city that is far from the usual malls and restaurants I am used to, also does not help. That’s why I feel so relieved and happy that there is this one restaurant that popped up near our area. It’s called Ho Chai Lai. I believe it’s got branches in other areas and it’s just good of them to branch out here in Cavite.

Crabmeat and Corn Soup

Crabmeat and Corn Soup, Regular P200.

Pancit Canton Guisado

Pancit Canton Guisado Small P130.

Chicken Curry Rice

Chicken Curry Rice Toppings P135.

Taosi Fish Fillet with Tofu Rice

Taosi Fish Fillet with Tofu Rice Toppings P150.


Buchi 3pcs P60.

Glenn, Maxine, Jaycelle and Brian at Ho Chai Lai

Glenn, Maxine, Jaycelle and Brian at Ho Chai Lai

Food cravings solved while bonding with my B, my brother, Glenn and sister-in-law, Maxine. *happy me*

If you are in Cavite City, and you haven’t tried Ho Chai Lai, I suggest you do! Good Chinese food, huge servings, affordable prices, clean ambiance and prompt waitstaff.

Here’s to hoping for more restaurants and cafes near our area!




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  1. where exactly in Cavite City? 🙂

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    1. Hi Nicar, it’s in front of Global Pool – just past Cavite State University (if coming from Cavite City).

      Here’s the Google Map.

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