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Granny’s Burger on Foodie.ph

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Food delivery services in Manila are quickly becoming common. So we, as consumers, are very lucky to have several options just when we need it the most. With erratic work schedules and cravings springing instantaneously, food delivery services are such sweet blessings that always come handy.

Foodie.ph Logo

The new concept here is that these companies can sign up ANY restaurant you can think of–even those without delivery services. So now, you can order from anyone, anywhere. Multiple ordering made easy by ordering online!

Foodie.ph Restaurants

If you are like me who is a newbie from ordering food online, this has a “wow” factor, don’t you agree?

And to baptize me in this whole food-delivery-services shebang, I’ve tried my fingers and clicked my way to ordering Granny’s Burger through Foodie.ph!

Granny's Burger on Foodie.phBefore I share with you the yummy food I’ve ordered, I want to share my experience from ordering online through Foodie.ph.

Ordering online was close to being perfectly smooth, except that I would suggest to put a huge “ORDER NOW” button at the top of every page.  This guarantees that wherever the user browses on the page, there is an easy way back to their main purpose for visiting the site–to order online!

I love the idea that it was easy to navigate through to the offered menu of the resto and that you can schedule the date and time of delivery. In my case, I originally indicated 7 PM, but had to change it to 730 PM. I called their call center and the agent who attended to my request was polite and efficient! Kudos to your customer service team because there are only a handful I can recount with superb customer service skills! For payment options you may choose between cash on delivery or pay thru credit card upon delivery — just brilliant!

Foodie.ph Delivery Area and Schedule

{ You can even put a special instruction on each and every order you’ll place. }Foodie.ph Special Instructions

Photos of our Order Summary and Order Confirmation before delivery.Foodie.ph Order Summary

Order Delivery Confirmation

Now here’s the fun part — the food!!!

IMG_7838{ Granny’s Burger Food Delivery }

It was Friday night, my B and I decided to stay in, watch a movie and pig out. The delivery guy arrived just on time! The food were neatly wrapped in tin foil (not pictured), packed and delivered straight from the oven because they were still surprisingly hot.

IMG_7839{ Hers: Carbonara Php228.85 }

As soon as I opened my pasta of choice, the delicious aroma of carbonara can’t be denied! Its aroma already served as our appetizer. Simply delicious! The sauce is not too thick only with a mix of olive oil, I suppose, and the amount of bacon is generous — such a comfort food on a rainy Friday.

IMG_7840{ His: Puttanesca Php228.85 }

We’ve both tried this and agreed that we both like carbonara better.

IMG_7841{ Hers: Oma Jalapeño Spicy Burger Php155.25 }

If you have been reading my blog, you better well know that I love spicy food. When I saw they offer this burger, no doubt, this is my burger of choice. And this did not disappoint! Single beef patty is juicy and the Jalapeño slices gave its whoooooo hot factor. ‘Nuff said.

IMG_7842{ His: Wagyu Burger Php263.35 }

My B did not rave about this because it was like the first burger without the spice factor.

Overall, our favorites were Carbonara and Oma Jalapeño Spicy Burger!

We are definitely going to order again because I’d love to try their salads and their milkshakes! Will dream of them for now until my next food-delivery-adventure!

What are you waiting for? Order now!

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