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Hainanese Chicken, Sebastian’s and Cinnamon rolls

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August 6, 2010
(a rather late post)

I was feeling low, I asked to be comforted. My B asked me to dinner at Banana Leaf, bought me Sebastian’s Chilly Burger Ice Cream & treated me with Cinnamon Rolls at Cinnabon. Most of all, he never stopped until I shook off negative vibes & cracked laughing. *love* (grabbed & edited my status on Facebook)

I had one exceptionally ugly August Friday morning that I don’t wish to share in full detail any further (because I don’t want to remember). I’ll just share our food trip at The Podium when I visited my B at his new office just right across this mall.

We best bond over delicious food and so we look around for a homey place to eat and talk.

Decided on having dinner at Banana Leaf, which serves authentic contemporary Southeast Asian cuisine.

His: appetizer, Crispy Spring Rolls Vietnamese Style, Php118

We liked this but we both agreed that we like that of My Thai better. *winks*

His: main entree, Deep Fried Pandan Chicken Php168, Hainanese Rice Php35 and Iced Tea Php60 (not pictured)

Hers: Hainanese Chicken – Set Meal Php198 and Dalandan Juice Php60 (not pictured)

This was my first ever encounter with the famous Hainanese Chicken and I loved it! Since that was my first time to taste it, I cannot really rate how good Banana Leaf’s version was. But, I can say that it’s good enough for me to crave for it and decide on taking my “Search-for-the-best-tasting-Hainanese-Chicken” adventure. If you know other restaurants that serves this, send the suggestions my way. *winks*

Banana Leaf
The Podium
18 ADB Ave., Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone Number: (63 2) 687-6808, (63 2) 687-6818

Next stop, our fill of ice cream at Sebastian’s Ice Cream Studio.

I think the first branch/kiosk of Sebastian’s is in Alabang (and that’s too far from our place) so the closest is this branch inside Podium. My B saw this (since he’s practically almost always there because that’s just right across his office) and introduced it to me. And since it’s our first time to go to Podium together at the same time, we’ve decided to try this!

We got our hands on one of their “Chilly Burgers”, the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (Php120). It was too sweet for me so after a few bite, I let Brian finish it off. One comment though is about the presentation. The lady just took a plastic, wrapped in her hand, grabbed the chilly burger ice cream and gave it to us. That’s it. You can imagine with the picture above. I’d prefer it if it has a nice packaging or container.

Some say that Sebastian’s ice cream is the closest thing to Ben & Jerry’s? Well, it’s for you to find out and decide. Then let me know what you think. Now get your fix of original, homemade ice cream flavor! There are lot of unique flavors to drool over on. *sweetness*

Sebastian’s Ice Cream Studio
4/F The Podium, Ortigas Center
Pasig City, Metro Manila

And it seems like the sweetness of ice cream isn’t enough to give me my fix of sugar high, we head over to Cinnabon for their freshly baked cinnamon rolls.

A sweet way to cap off the evening. *sugar rush*

Thanks my B not just for comforting me but you must know that your mere presence pleases me. You are wonderful. *heart*

Photos by: Brian Sahagun

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