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Happy List: Cafe and Sweets

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Cafe & Sweets picnic bag and ice pop maker ^_^{ Cafe & Sweets picnic bag }

Jaycelle’s Happy List

  1. this pretty picnic bag. *swoon*
  2. working out first thing in the morning. energizing!
  3. Tender Juicy hotdog, egg and rice breakfast meal for lunch. classic favorite.
  4. Sentro 1771 birthday dinner for Tita Vi. nice chit chat.
  5. delicious corned beef sinigang. i want more!
  6. navy stripes umbrella. can’t wait to use it at the beach.
  7. courage to ask for extra days off at work. awaiting for much-anticipated fabulous vacation, yey!
  8. celebrating mom’s birthday with closest family. love.
  9. running through my closet and finding lovely pieces that does not fit me anymore and giving them to my cousins as hand-me-downs. even better that they love it!
  10. deal with my B about consistent blogging and getting a ‘surpirise’ gift



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