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Happy New Year!

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{ Meet my new friend, Daphne, from one of the Christmas parties we attended last December. Isn’t she pretty? 🙂 }

Hi friends! First of all, Happy new year! 2010 has been a good and exciting year and I look forward to more great happenings to share with you this year.

I apologize for being MIA for a month! Big changes knocked at my doorstep towards the end of the year and I could not resist to take on the challenge.

Holiday season have been hectic but so so fun! Eating lots of good food, spending time with family and cuddling with my darling.

{ love spending time with my darling B}

Christmas vacation is over, and it’s back to work for me. And I try to squeeze in a little blog post to say Hello to you, all!

I hope the holidays brought a lot of new memories for you to cherish this year.

And though I greet the year with a big sneeze (yes, my colds is back after the holidays) I still greet you with a big smile! I’ll share a lot with you one at a time.

Photos by: Brian Sahagun


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