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Happy October 1st!

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where did the rest of the year go? it’s already october! i guess it’s really like that — time flies so fast when you are enjoying it. well, if that’s the case then i should be happier knowing that i enjoyed every bit of the past months this year.

how about you, dolls? how was your year so far? was it something you’ve expected? was it busy and productive? did you get the inspiration you need to pursue your passion? were you able to touch at least one soul because of your mere existence?

well i sure hope that it’s been a very wonderful year so far for all of you!

{ B’s work table that I borrowed while trying to make something beautiful.. }

{ crafting makes my soul happy }

{ one of my pretty handmade necklaces }

here’s hoping to an inspiration-filled month!

Happy October 1st!


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