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help me choose which shoes to choose

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It’s finally raining here in QC area Manila! Woohoo! Not that I’m entirely thrilled that summer seems to be over BUT this rain made the scorching hot weather take the back seat. That means a more comfortable feeling and disposition during the day and a bedweather we can all enjoy tonight. *smiles*

Unlike probably most of you who had a hard time deciding on who to vote, I am still having a hard time deciding on what shoes to pick! (Excuse my apathy about the recently concluded elections. I just don’t want to dip my toes in that water.)

BUT I certainly would love to dip my toes in these babies!!!

So ladies, if you have a minute, why don’t you help me choose which shoes to choose. Now, that’s from THE Master Rhymer! *laughs*

Shoes Shoes Shoes{ Jeffrey Campbell-inspired shoes }

Shoes Shoes Shoes{ Christian Louboutin-inspired shoes }

Shoes Shoes Shoes{ Valentino-inspired shoes }

Shoes Shoes Shoes{ Classic Pumps }

Shoes Shoes Shoes{ Feminine plum sandals }

Shoes Shoes Shoes{ nude sandals }

Shoes Shoes Shoes{ black sandals }

Shoes Shoes Shoes{ Color-blocking sandals }

 I hope before the week ends, I’ll have an answer on what I want to choose! What a nice problem to end this rainy Tuesday. *laughs* Good night, everyone!

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    Please could you tell me the name of this store. Thanks

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      Hi Luciana, the school is The Kewl Shop 🙂

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