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Hooray Thursday: All Things Puuurty

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thinking of parties have been a good way to put a smile on my face. lately, party decors such as balloons, confetti, banners, flowers, paper lanterns, all things pretty and all the lovely things to make an even more special occasion has been occupying a little space in my head.

i’ve been trying to think of a name for my style where pastels, romantic, elegant, vintage, old-world charm, classic, english-style, shabby chic are the most favored ones. i guess there would be a name for it but i’d like to call it the ‘that’s jaycelle style‘. *giggling*

who wouldn’t want to join a party as gorgeous as this?

{ balloon party }

{ pretty flowers table setting }

{ hanging flower bottles }

{ colorful pompoms and lanterns }

{ beautiful table mess }

{ puuurty umbrellas }

{ loving all the party mess here }

{ care for some sweet treats? }

{ it’s just so ethereal. i’d love to have a party decor like this- soon! }

{ a lovely touch for a vintage-inspired celebration }


Sources: weheartit and etsy

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