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Hooray Thursday: Big Birthday

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Having a birthday wish list was part of my little tradition since 2009 and most of them were fulfilled and granted (see the others here and here). I missed to write one last year, but having my B proposed to me was the greatest wish I could ever ask for, exactly on my birthday last year — I got engaged!

This year, another lifelong wish was granted — after a year-long of preparation, we already tied the knot and I’m already B’s missus. *swoon*

So writing my birthday wish list now does not only apply to me, but to my now-husband.

Warm Gray, White & Wood Living Room{ warm gray, white & wood living room }

Under the Stairs Storage{ make use of under the stairs as storage }

Tidy Kitchens{ tidy kitchen }

Entryway{ an entryway in our apartment }

Gallery Wall{ lots of lovely photos for our gallery wall }

Yes — most of my wish this year is to rearrange and redecorate our love nest! *grins*

I have more birthday wishes, so stay tuned for the Part 2 of my Hooray Thursday: Big Birthday Wish List.

Happy birthday to all the November celebrants!!! *kisses*

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