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Hooray Thursday: Trick or Treats

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Halloween-Cakes-Bat-CakeHello folks! Halloween is just around the corner and though costume options are still wrestling in my head (hello Hamburglar and Mary Poppins!), I know for sure that more I ever wanted from this well-loved season are some sweet treats more than tricks. I’ve always had this fascination with baked goodies and always have wanted to make and bake a few myself. And although time and resources (not to mention my fear to bake another stone cupcake) act as a hindrance, I won’t let this season pass without sharing with you these spooky-licious treats!



Halloween-Cakes-CupcakesAren’t they all wickedly gorgeous?! Hope this Halloween baked-goodies inspiration board push you to give in to your urge to bake something spine-chillingly good!

Visit Country Living for fun and easy recipes.

Happy Halloween!


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